Thursday, February 25

The Government assures that Juan Carlos I will keep the title of King for life: “It is for life”

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The Government defends that Juan Carlos I will maintain his title of King “for life”, specifying that the denomination of king emeritus does not appear at any point, and has compared it with the situations that occur in other countries such as Japan, Belgium and Luxembourg, as noted in a parliamentary response in the Senate.

This is how Pedro Sánchez’s Executive responded to a written question formulated in the Senate by the Compromís parliamentarian, Carles Cloudy, who echoes another response from the Government in which he defended the status of King of Juan Carlos I claiming that it is also customary in other monarchies in its environment.

In this sense, the Valencian senator once again asked the Government if it was going to modify the decree that names Juan Carlos I as King with honorific character after his abdication, something to which the Executive of Pedro Sánchez answer that Juan Carlos I will keep this king title.

Don Juan Carlos will be King “for life” in the style of Japan

This response arises in the midst of the public controversy over some requests for the removal of the status of King from Juan Carlos I and the debate on a hypothetical Crown Law to delimit the activities of the Royal House.

In the parliamentary response, the Government maintains that this situation with King Juan Carlos I occurs in a similar way, although “without the intention of being exhaustive” in other monarchies such as Belgium, with King Albert II; Luxembourg, with the Great Duke Juan; or Japan, with the emperor Akihito, who receives the name of Daijo Tenno O Joko.

The BNG sees it as “scandalous”

Following the Government’s response, several parties have reacted by rejecting the Executive’s position. He Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) considers it “scandalous” that it is not contemplated to withdraw the title of King Emeritus from Juan Carlos I despite being investigated for alleged opaque business, and it has been asked “what more does the Executive need to strip him of that treatment granted after the abdication.

The BNG deputy in Congress, Nestor Rego, argues that not repealing that decree highlights the “protection of the Government and the PSOE from the corruption of the Bourbons”, a decision that he considers “scandalous”.

“What else will be needed to know about the outrages of the fugitive (now in the United Arab Emirates) to amend a decree and remove him from the honorary title of King?” Rego has raised through his personal Twitter account, where he also questions when he will be able to be investigated.

Also the Bildu deputy in Congress Jon Iñarritu he has questioned that the Government uses other monarchies in our environment as an example to justify maintaining the title of King of Juan Carlos I. “Are the Japanese and Belgian emeritus also sausages?”

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