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The Frimake app breaks loneliness to find real friends

The Frimake app has attracted 30,000 users in search of friendship in one year. Drawing. – Gerd Altmann – PixaBay

  • Launched in December 2019 by a former Toulouse student, the Frimake app allows you to meet new friends during common activities, far from romantic dating platforms.
  • The app now has nearly 30,000 members, including 8,000 in the Pink City.
  • Even during confinement, groups of friends thrived on video and met at a pétanque evening or a picnic in deconfinement.

Address social isolation by meeting friends on the Net to then see them physically during group activities. This is the philosophy of
Frimake app, launched in December 2019 by a former student from Toulouse, who wants to show that the virtual can also bring people together in the real world.

With nearly 1,500 members registered from the first month, Frimake then adapted to the context of the health crisis by offering its members group video activities. The app now has nearly 30,000 members, including 8,000 in the Pink City, and is sponsored by rugby player Yoann Huget.

Exit Tinder and Meetic

“After having worked, at the end of my studies, at the prestigious KPMG firm where I notably audited young innovative start-ups, I decided to enter this market to put more people, says Alae Elhayyate, founder de Frimake and graduated from the Toulouse School of Management. In my entourage, I was told about loneliness, social isolation from a certain age and the difficulty of meeting other people despite social networks. There is a real power of digital technology, but a lot of people don’t want to meet Tinder or Meetic style and only want to make friends ”.

According to Foundation of France, more than one in ten French people are affected by social isolation. Figures that have worsened with successive confinements. By integrating Frimake, its members can offer an activity such as a tapas evening or a collective jogging. The application allows you to choose the participants, according to affinities or desire, for example to plan an evening between women or people of the same generation.

“New friends to get out of my comfort zone”

“The Covid has been bad for good because we have adapted with video activities in groups of ten, such as blinds tests and quizzes. And from the deconfinement, the friendships created virtually met during barbecue or dance evenings ”, underlines the young founder. For security reasons, new registrants are checked and identified. Moderators are vigilant to ward off heavy dredgers and other imposters.

This is what pleased Wendy, a 32-year-old Toulouse girl who discovered the app on social networks in January 2020. “I wanted to make new friends and meet other people to go out out of my comfort zone, explains this thirty-something who works in the administration. I took part in one or two snacks with three or four people and then the confinement fell. With a group of ten friends, we continued with video activities with evenings around TV games such as Golden Friends or Draw it’s won. I got on well with four to five people who became friends that I saw all summer during picnics, guinguettes or movie nights. Today, I really feel like I know them ”.

In September, the app launched in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Building on its success, Frimake signed a partnership with Toulouse 3 University in October.

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