Monday, September 27

Marlaska warns against the frost: “Minimum temperatures never before reached await us”

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The storm Filomena moves to the East of the Peninsula – only the province of Teruel is on red alert – and Madrid, the region most affected by the storm, begins little by little to control the situation after the avalanche of snow that the storm has caused. left in passing. The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has called on the population to remain alert, despite the sun having risen, in the face of the coming frost: “Minimum temperatures never before reached await us. The danger has not passed”.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, chaired this Sunday the state civil protection committee. After taking stock of the situation, Ministers Marlaska and Jose Luis Ábalos They explained that during the early hours of this Saturday all the roads in the Community of Madrid, the region most affected by the snowfall, have been cleared and work is being done to ensure that the next batch of Pfizer vaccine arrives this Monday, as planned. .

“Guarantee the supply of vaccines and food and that essential services personnel arrive at their jobs is our priority, “added the Minister of Transport, who appealed to citizens so that no one should go out unless it is absolutely essential.” Remain at home even if they have stopped working. to snow”.

Madrid has been able to open the lanes to both directions of the M-30 this Sunday and the entrances to all hospital centers have also been cleared. Ábalos has communicated that from 2:00 p.m., the first trains have started to leave the capital and that during the afternoon of this Sunday The first flights from Barajas will start to leave very little by little, if the weather permits.

The Madrid City Council will also take free all the vehicles parked on the M-30 to municipal warehouses and parking in the capital will be free on Monday and Tuesday. The objective of the Consistory is also to prevent citizens from going out to look for the cars that they left abandoned when the avalanche of snow closed the region.

Catastrophic zone

In an extraordinary plenary session, the mayor of Madrid has weighed the option of asking that Madrid be declared a catastrophic zone due to the disasters caused by the storm. Minister Marlaska has ruled it out: “The declaration of an emergency zone could be studied, where the performance of all emergency public services must be guaranteed “.

The Popular Party has criticized that an “absent” Sánchez has reappeared two days after the chaos caused by the storm, “when it has stopped snowing.” “No sign of Sánchez on Saturday. Nor on Friday, when the problems began. Once it has stopped snowing, it reappears,” criticized the Deputy Secretary of Communication, Pablo Montesinos.

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