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Education: the gauge in high schools surely extended, no postponement of the bac, assures Blanquer

The government asked high schools in November to adapt their organization to try to limit the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic, with a gauge of 50% of students today respected, according to the ministry, in 69% of establishments audiences across the country.

At the time, the ministry anticipated a possible resumption of classes at 100% of the workforce in high schools around January 20.

I think we will have to come back to that (…) the epidemic situation being what it is“Mr. Blanquer agreed to the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury on Sunday.

The appearance of a British variant of Covid 19, deemed to be more contagious among young people, worries the health authorities, while the circulation of the virus remains important in France with an average of 18,000 daily cases.

On the other hand, the minister refused to consider postponing the early baccalaureate exams for the time being. “We must maintain in March and then we will look (…) at what is predictable on the epidemic level“, he pleaded,”at this point we maintain the month of March in the interest of the students“.

Teachers and parents of students have demanded in recent weeks the postponement to June of these specialty tests in Terminale.

Jean-Michel Blanquer also confirmed that a possible extension of the February vacation was “not on the agenda“.

He also announced “one million school tests“in January. Since November, only 10,000 tests had been carried out on a voluntary basis in the high schools of ten academies.


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