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“How well preserved.” After being cured of the coronavirus, Maribel Guardia reunites with her mother

PHOTO: Mezcalent.

  • Maribel Guardia visits her second mother in Costa Rica.
  • It is about her older sister Vila Chacón, who took care of her since she was very little.
  • Users and followers of the singer affirm that her real mother died when Maribel was still very young.

After a long time of confinement due to the contagion she had from coronavirus, the Costa Rican singer, Maribel Guardia, is reunited with a relative of hers, who, according to the words of various media, affirm that she is like her mother.

After many of us had to take refuge in our causes due to the current pandemic that plagues the world due to the coronavirus, several artists and people in the world had to be separated from their loved ones for a long time.

However, yesterday, the Costa Rican singer and actress Maribel Guardia met with a very dear relative after long months of being in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

PHOTO: Instagram. Maribel guard

Where many claim, such as the portal Infobae, which is about her sister, Vilma Chacón, whom Maribel Guardia considers her second mother.

On the other hand, the Instagram account of the Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani affirms that Vilma is her mother, and that she went to visit her in her native country, Costa Rica, with all the safe distance measures to be able to travel and visit her relative.

In a photograph shared on this journalist’s account, which was also published by the former model, it is possible to see Maribel Guardia very smiling, next to Vilma Chacón, where the singer embraces her very tenderly.

At the bottom of the photograph, Maribel Guardia, for her part, wrote the following message to her relative who had not seen since the coronavirus began:

“After a year I see my mother again, God gave me that license to be able to hug her and enjoy her magic, love and advice. My life teacher and my best friend. He sent them blessings in the distance ”.

You can see the photograph of Maribel Guardia visiting a relative after a year due to the coronavirus here.

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