Sunday, February 28

In Nantes, they are launching a mobile grocery store in bulk and by bicycle

Anais (left) and Mathieu created the Cyclomarché – J. Urbach/ 20 Minutes

  • Two former computer scientists have launched a mobile grocery store service “to find meaning in their profession”.
  • Already launched in San Sebastián for a few weeks, the tours will start very soon in Rezé.

It measures barely 2.50m long but is starting to make a nice little place in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire. In recent weeks, a strange cargo bike has been crisscrossing this town in the south of the Nantes conurbation. Once stopped, it only takes a few seconds for this orange two-wheeler, associated with a small trailer, to transform into a real bulk grocery store. “We offer around 90 references, congratulate Anaïs Blocaille and Mathieu Dréano, the founders of
Cyclomarche. Fruits and vegetables of course, but also dry products such as cereals or coffee for breakfast, up to pasta, flour, or aperitif mixes which also work very well. “

Imagined before the first confinement, the concept (inspired by a Lille experience) became reality in November after the realization of the machine, designed by an architect. Three afternoons a week, the Cyclomarché runs a course of four or five stages, one hour each. This Thursday, despite the cold, a small queue is created in front of the Marie-Curie school, where the bike stops between 4 and 5 p.m. Alexandre, working from home, takes a short break to fill his bag with a sweet potato, a box of eggs, and some fruit.

Mathieu and Anais created the Cyclomarché – J. Urbach / 20 Minutes

“We already have regulars,” smiles behind his mask Mathieu Dréano, who lives in the town. Some saw us from their balcony and went down to see. At first, they just had a pumpkin or a salad and as we went along we saw them come back with their jars. “This is the case with this neighbor:” Before, we went to Intermarché, but the confinement made you think, she assures. We want to support the process, and consume a little differently, go shopping on foot. “

Soon new tours

The two young entrepreneurs also had to change their habits. Already colleagues before, these two former computer scientists dropped their CDI, at 30, “to find meaning in their profession”. Almost every morning, they visit their network of producers in the south of the Loire to stock up on lamb’s lettuce, apples or pears. Lentils and quinoa come from Vendée, biscuits from Brittany, but be careful, here, not everything is organic. “We wanted the prices to be affordable,” explains Anaïs Blocaille. We also have clementines from Corsica or lemons that do not come from the area. The average basket is 10 or 15 euros. “

From mid-January, the duo will start tours in Rezé, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Eventually, and when face-to-face work begins again, they hope to find offices at the foot of which they could settle for lunch. Within a year, if the experience is conclusive, they dream of putting into circulation a second Cyclomarché to reach even more inhabitants of the city.

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