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Tax gifts in the election year 2021: But there is also a risk of back payments

End of the solos, more child benefit, higher commuter allowance: the tax authorities are taking care of tax relief in some areas. However, with short-time working, additional payments can threaten: An overview.

  • In the year of Bundestag election the tax authorities give gifts to taxpayers.
  • The Alone falls away, single parent are relieved of that Commuter flat rate elevated.
  • Which Reliefs 2021 in terms of things Taxes can arise.

Frankfurt – For the new year the legislature has a number of Changes decided that have an impact on citizens’ wallets. An overview of the most important innovations and their consequences.

Three decades after the fall of the Wall, there is no solidarity surcharge.

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Ende des Soli: For most taxpayers, 30 years after the turnaround no longer applies Solidarity surcharge. That makes a lot noticeable. A single with a taxable annual income of 30,000 euros pays 285 euros less. With an income of 60,000 euros, the savings are already 893 euros. A married couple with this income is relieved of 512 euros, with double income even 1786 euros.

However, the solos are not omitted for all. Those receiving high incomes from an amount of 61,127 euros as a single and 124,254 euros as a married couple must continue to pay it. Above these limit values, the soli amounts to a maximum of 5.5 percent, depending on the income level. The tax office requires the full rate from an income of 96,822 euros for singles and 193,644 euros for couples.

Tax 2021: basic allowance and commuter allowance will be increased

Basic tax credit increases: For all taxpayers: inside the increase Basic tax allowance for the subsistence level by 336 euros to 9744 euros. For married couples it doubles to 19,488 euros. Income taxes are only levied above this income. This means that an additional part of the income remains tax-free. Singles with 30,000 euros a year are relieved of an additional 96 euros, married couples with 80,000 euros income by 238 euros.

Higher commuter flat rate: Are also relieved Remote commuter: withinfor the next five years. The prerequisite is a commute of 21 kilometers or more. In a first step, the flat rate increases by five to 35 cents. From 2024, another three cents more can be sold. For shorter commutes, it remains at 30 cents per kilometer. Depending on the distance from the workplace and the number of days driven, the savings can quickly add up to several hundred euros. According to Stiftung Warentest, the advantage for a distance of 50 kilometers and 150 office days is 225 euros, for example.

Home office can be offset against the tax 2021

Mobility bonus: One is new Mobilitätsprämie For low wage earners: indoors with a long commute. Here too, the way to work must be at least 21 kilometers. From this distance, the tax office pays employees who do not have to pay taxes 4.9 cents per kilometer. The calculation is complicated. With a commute of 40 kilometers and 150 working days per year, the tax office transfers 147 euros mobility premium according to the United Income Tax Aid. Important to know: In order to receive the money, a tax return must be submitted.

Attention short-time work! In an unfavorable constellation, you have to Short-time workers: pay taxes for 2020. The short-time work allowance itself is tax-free, but it increases income. The percentage of wage tax increases with income. The tax office uses the average tax rate of normal income plus short-time allowance as a benchmark for the taxation of regular wages. The automatic wage tax deduction by the employer, on the other hand, is based on the lower regular income. As a result, it is possible that too little prepayment has been made and the tax office demands a second look.

Home office discount: A fresh decision was made to credit the home office with tax for those who do not have a home office. You can deduct five euros per day, up to a maximum of 600 euros per year.

Tax: Child benefit and child allowance will increase in 2021

Disabled person : The lump sums for disabled people double. The amount depends on the degree of disability. With a disability of 50 percent, for example, it is currently 570 euros and in future 1140 euros. With an income of 30,000 euros, a single person pays 173 euros less.

More child benefit: The child benefit increases by 15 euros. The child allowances will also be increased. This is important for all parents for whom a tax break brings more than child benefit. In total, the allowances per child then add up to 8,388 euros.

Relief for single parents: Parents living alone with only the child or children living in their household receive an additional allowance of 2100 euros. The existing relief amount of 1908 euros for the first and 240 euros for each additional child is retained. (Wolfgang Mulke)

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