Wednesday, April 14

Recorded call | Donald Trump asks to recount the vote in his favor in Georgia

(Washington) Donald Trump a demandé samedi à un haut responsable de « trouver » les bulletins de vote nécessaires pour annuler sa défaite dans l’État de Géorgie, au cours d’un appel stupéfiant diffusé dimanche par le Washington Post.

Agence France-Presse

Le président américain, qui refuse toujours de concéder sa défaite à la présidentielle du 3 novembre, a tenté, lors d’une longue conversation téléphonique, de rallier à sa cause Brad Raffensperger, l’élu républicain responsable des élections dans cet État, en alternant pressions et cajoleries.

« Il n’y a pas de mal à dire que vous avez recalculé », lui a-t-il notamment déclaré, selon un enregistrement de la discussion réalisé à son insu et rendu public par le Washington Post, puis d’autres médias.

« Tout ce que je veux, c’est trouver 11 780 bulletins […] because we won this state ”, he justified, whereas the victory of the democrat Joe Biden in Georgia by about 12,000 votes of difference was confirmed by a recount and audits.

Citing “rumors” of fraud, Donald Trump judged, in a voice strangled by emotion, “unjust that the election (him) was stolen”.

You know what they did and you don’t talk about it: it’s a crime, you can’t let it happen, it’s a big risk for you.

Donald Trump, during the telephone interview

Brad Raffensberger, who was accompanied by a state lawyer, did not give in. “We think our numbers are good,” he soberly retorted.

The broadcast of the recording, which the White House declined to comment, immediately sent shock waves through Washington.

“Trump’s contempt for democracy is exposed,” said elected Democrat Adam Schiff, deeming his pressures “potentially reprehensible”. Her colleague Debbie Wasserman Schultz denounced the act of a “desperate and corrupt president”.

“It’s overwhelming,” for his part tweeted Republican elected official Adam Kinzinger, calling on members of his party not to follow the president in his challenge to the results. “You can’t do this with a clear conscience,” he told them.

Donald Trump embarked on a crusade in November to deny the victory of Joe Biden, but suffered systematic failures before the courts and with local elected officials, including Republicans, who held out against his pressures.

The electoral college declared the victory to the Democrat on December 14 with 306 voters against 232 for the incumbent president, a score which must be certified Wednesday to the Congress for the taking of the oath of the 46e President of the United States on January 20.

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