Sunday, March 7

To reduce the number of serious accidents, Brussels moves to zone 30

Brussels is now the largest zone in Europe. Since January 1, driving 30 km in the Brussels region has become the general rule, except on certain very busy axes, the speed of which is specifically indicated.

The main objective of this measure is to decrease the number of serious road accidents. Some Brussels residents are convinced, like this lady: “It is better for the safety, especially of children, because the cars go slower“, she believes.

For others, however, it goes too far, as for this motorist: “At the school level I understand, but everywhere, we must not abuse, it’s nonsense.

Faced with numerous road accidents, the municipality of Schaerbeek – in the Brussels region – decided to set up a similar measure in 2018, with very positive effects according to its mayor, Pauline Jodogne: “There are always some recalcitrant who refuse to understand that this is a really important issue, that it has an effect on reducing the number of accidents: we have not had a serious accident for two years. And that there are also peaceful neighborhoods“.

The Brussels authorities therefore hope to follow Schaerbeek’s example. According to a study by the Belgian Road Safety Institute, the probability of a pedestrian dying in a collision with a car traveling at 50 km / h is 5 to 6 times higher than 30 km / h.

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