2021: the year that broke Messi’s story in two

Leo messi concluded its most unique year in Rosario, his hometown, dancing cumbia with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, or posing with their children with a landscape of family prosperity in the background. He likes to be a global image. Days ago he shared on social networks a mural that pays tribute to him very close to the house where he grew up, where, at night, bullets buzz and police sirens rage that always come after a new drug trafficking crime.

Leo has been painted from the front. Soccer shoes hang around the neck. On his chest you can see a child Messi, the kid that he still carries inside when he plays. “From another galaxy and from my neighborhood”, is called the representation, and it is not the only one. Another 69 meters high has also been inaugurated, a few blocks from the Monument to the Flag. Messi had a dizzying 2021 that, in turn, will remain as a watershed in his biography.

Won the long-awaited America Cup with the Argentine team, and against Brazil. He held up the trophy with watery eyes. He cried again when he announced his surprising departure from Barcelona. The grief seemed to heal quickly with the consolation of the Qatari millions. The PSG he received it exultant. The smile of the best player in the world recovered. The exchange of the Mediterranean for Paris seemed to suit him. And, as if that were not enough, he won his seventh Ballon d’Or, another way to testify that Messi is always accumulation and excess (talent and millions).

Adapting to PSG

Amid all the glare, some opaque specks have emerged. For the moment, Messi has not revolutionized PSG. Your connection to Neymar and Mbappé it is intermittent and the team is far from exhibiting the crushing power that was surmised with their jersey change. La Pulga participated in 15 games, scored six goals and gave four assists. Cies Football Observatory, the statistics and transfers portal, did not place Messi in the Ligue 1 team of the year. Luis Suárez, his partner in exploits at Barça, attributed the rhythms of adaptation to the Parisian cold. Angel Di Maria believes that PSG players have yet to learn to play with him. Only time will put things in their place.

Transfermarkt However, he estimated that Messi’s price has dropped in the soccer market. But at 34, Messi shows no signs of concern. Submerged in the “Rosario Summer”, as his wife called it, away for a few days from the rigors of high exposure, the star is confident that the future will be even better than the splendorous past. His lineage as an extreme competitor allows us to infer that he will at least give up his life to achieve the objectives for which he was brought to PSG. But, above all, it is the 2022 World Cup, who will find him with 35 years.

Comfortable ecosystem in Argentina

After years of frustrations, an ecosystem in which he feels most comfortable has formed around Messi. Leo finds in the new breed of players (Draw Martínez, Cristián Romero, Rodrigo de Paul and Lautaro Martínez) the reasons for, at least, this time dreaming of fundamentals with the World Cup. Argentina has shown its muscles in the qualifying rounds, to the point of qualifying well in advance. The selection he directs Lionel Scaloni it reached an unexpectedly high level of performance.

The big question some people are asking in Buenos Aires is whether the team reached its maturity point too early, to begin to decline over the coming year, or does it still have a way to improve and catch up with the favorites to consecrate himself in Qatar. “We have the best of all and that makes a difference“said Óscar Ruggeri, a member of the national team that was established in Mexico 86, led by Diego Maradona, and for years, presenter of fluent verbiage on a television channel.

Prophet in his land

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The Copa América obtained in mid-2021 has also caused a cut-off point with respect to Messi’s relationship with the Argentines. If before, a part of the fans and journalism reproached him for his performance not showing that of Barcelona, ​​after what happened in Brazil, he only listens to the cloying honeys of the praise. He has finally become a prophet in his own land. The “messimanía” has been accentuated by another factor unrelated to his own exploits: Maradona is no longer present.

He who does not love Messi, does not want his mother“said an ESPN commentator, Sebastián Vignolo. And Leo lets himself be loved, much more in that Rosario that not only gains world fame for having been his place of origin. While he dives in a pool or in the Paraná river, the Crime rates are escalating around it in a chilling way. Drug violence has transfigured the city, to the point of being called “the Sinaloa of the south.” In the year of the seventh Ballon d’Or, almost 250 people were murdered.


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