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The former leader of Vox in Lleida, sentenced to 14 years for sexual abuse of the disabled

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The Hearing of Lleida has sentenced the former leader of Vox to 14 years and 3 months in prison Jose Antonio Ortiz Cambray for sexually abusing people with disabilities after considering it proven that he offered them money in exchange for different sexual acts.

The court sentences Ortiz Cambray to eight years in prison for a continuing crime of sexual abuse of people with disabilities; two sentences of two and a half years in jail each for two crimes of corruption of people with disabilities, and another sentence of one year and three months in prison for a crime of pornography with the use of people with disabilities, the newspaper published this Tuesday ‘Segre’.

The ruling indicates that Ortiz Cambray must compensate one of the victims with 15,000 euros and another with 5,000 euros for the damage caused.

At the trial, held on November 25, the former Vox leader denied having had physical contact with the two men with disabilities: “I swear to God and the memory of my parents, I did not have those meetings”.

Ortiz Cambray was arrested at the Lérida vehicle dealership where he worked at the beginning of March 2019, after the Alosa Foundation, which protects two of the victims, discovered the WhatsApp messages of him and one of the disabled and report him to the police station of the Mossos d’Esquadra.

Preventive prison

The former leader of Vox was in preventive detention until last October, when he was released from jail after paying a 6,000-euro bail.

On the day of the trial, minutes before Ortiz Cambray entered the court, a group from the Lleida trans group displayed a banner at the door of the judicial building with the message ‘José A. Ortiz, rapist and fascist’.

Days before he was arrested, Ortiz had filed a complaint with the provincial Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged hate crime for the appearance of hanged dolls with the acronyms of Cs, PP, PSC, Unidos Podemos and Vox, in which he appeared as ” President of Vox Lleida “.

After his arrest was made public, the party suspended his membership and assured that he did not hold any position of responsibility within the formation.

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