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The Covid-19 is primed with the cinemas: they lose 446 million euros at the box office in 2020

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After the historical data of the previous year, 2020 seemed that it was going to follow the same path. The first months confirmed the upward trend. People returned to the theaters, and in those first stages of the year, between January and February, there was an attendance 7% higher than the previous year. But in March the coronavirus arrived. A pandemic that caused movie theaters to close for the first time in their history, causing the worst box office data in history.

Government measures paralyzed everything, and theaters were no exception, for months they remained closed, and the great Hollywood premieres fled this cursed year for fear of not having viewers. The data speaks for itself, after several years of growth in the number of moviegoers and after reaching the best result of the last decade in 2019 with more than 105 million viewers, cinemas have suffered losses at the box office of 446 million compared to the previous year, which represents a decrease of 72%.

In this way, the box office closes the year with a total of 169.7 million euros in revenue and 28.2 million viewers in 2020 -provisional data as of December 28-. During the summer months, and thanks to Santiago Segura and Christopher Nolan, the situation recovered slightly, but the second wave and the new measures stopped everything again. Without James Bond, Marvel or Pixar, people did not go to the theaters.

December has returned to suppose a bit of optimism. The releases of The Croods and Wonder Woman have revitalized the box office, but the outlook is not encouraging, since the next few weeks will hardly reach powerful premieres in theaters, and everything will depend on the endurance of these proposals.

On the positive side, by looking at the glass half full, Spanish cinema stands out, which premiered despite the conditions. The best stopped was Santiago Segura, who anticipated the arrival of Father there is no more than one 2 and achieved the greatest success of the year: 2.3 million viewers and 12.9 million gross. The highest grossing movie of the year ahead of 1917 or Tenet. The fifth most successful film was also Spanish. Adú exceeded 6 million euros and one million viewers.

These figures for Spanish cinema have brought the attendance rate to 25.2%, which is 10% more than in 2019. Now we only have to trust in the recovery in 2021, and that people have not taken too much affection to your sofa and go back to the rooms.

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