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“The Lady’s Game” tops the 2020 series of “20 Minutes”

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Lady’s Game, on Netflix – Netflix

The year 2020 was marked by the farewell to one of the most popular French series, Ten percent, and the arrival of two new French streaming platforms, Salto and the series offer from With no star on the bill and a theme – the world of chess – a priori a little austere, nothing predestined The lady’s game (The Queen’s Gambit), uploaded on the sly at the end of October on Netflix, to appear at the top of the platform’s most popular content.

And yet, the miniseries in seven episodes which traces the rise of Beth Harmon, an American orphan prodigy plagued by addictions, in the very macho world of chess of the 1960s, achieves the feat of rising to the top of the top 2020 series. from the editorial staff of 20 Minutes, but also from that of readers who are members of the Facebook group ” 20 Minute Sets ».

On the podium, on the editorial side, I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel’s HBO series, which films the trauma of rape from the inside out. The writing of 20 Minutes also greeted Mrs America, the HBO miniseries starring and produced by Cate Blanchett that portrays the First Lady of anti-feminism, Phyllis Schlafly, and chronicles her fight against icons of 1970s feminism in America to defeat the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) (an equal rights amendment to the US Constitution aimed at ensuring equal rights for men and women).

Readers who are members of the “20 Minutes Séries” Facebook group loved the second season of the first live-action Star Wars series for Disney +, The Mandolarian. They also enjoyed the Netflix miniseries, Unorthodox, which chronicles the emancipation of Esther Shapiro, a Jewish teenager who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox community in New York.

  • Top 10 from the editorial staff of “20 Minutes”

1. The Lady’s Game

2. I May Destroy You

3. Mrs America

4. Unorthodox

5. The Undoing

6. The Mandalorian

7. The Crown, S04

8. Little Fires Everywhere

9. The Legends Office, S05

10. Homeland

  • The Top 10 readers who are members of the “20 Minutes Séries” Facebook group

1. The Lady’s Game

2. The Mandalorian

3. Unorthodox

4. His Dark Materials

5. The Alienist, S02

6. The Legends Office, S05

7. Mrs America

8. Locke and Key

9. Dark, S03

10. This is Us, S04

  • Tops and favorites from the Culture department of “20 Minutes”

To complete the picture, here is the ranking of journalists from the Culture service of 20 Minutes and their favorite series or those on which they wanted to put the spotlight.

The top 10 of Laure Beaudonnet:

1. Normal People 2. I May Destroy You 3. Run 4. Grand Army 5. Stateless 6. Little Fyres Everywhere 7. High Fidelity 8. Upload 9. The Undoing 10. The Outsider

His favorite: “Normal People”

For lovers of love, this is the jewel of the year 2020. In the footsteps of Like Crazy, the romantic drama signed Drake Doremus in 2011, Normal People tells the story of the thwarted love story between Connell, a high school star in a small town in Ireland, and Marianne, a bright teenager but rejected by her classmates. In fact, nothing predestines them to get closer, and even less to fall in love. If Connell hides a boy with a passion for English literature under his brainless athlete shell, Marianne perceives his value and manages to seduce him. But he refuses to live this passion in the open and the young woman accepts the rules of this relationship, even if it means losing the little self-esteem that remained to her. From the small town in the west of Ireland to the benches of Trinity College in Dublin, their destinies intersect, entwine and tear each other apart. A series, adapted from the bestseller of Sally Rooney, which touches the sublime and will make you live (by proxy) all the tones of the feeling of love: from passion to jealousy, through wonder and abnegation. A series from which you will not come out completely unscathed.

Benjamin Chapon’s top 10:

1. The Mandalorian, S02 2. Tales From The Loop 3. The Haunting of Bly Manor 4. Mrs America 5. Unorthodox 6. Dispatches from Elsewhere 7. The Lady’s Game 8. The Legends Office, S5 9. Homecoming, S02 10. Parliament

His favorite: “The Mandalorian”

When did we forget that a good series was above all a good soap opera? Season 2 of The Mandalorian is the antidote to all “anthologies” and other series that are in reality eight hour films. In addition to the immense pleasure of finally seeing the Star Wars universe explored in all its richness, this series revives the unique pleasure of the weekly episode, closed, but which makes you want to see more. Between two duels with a laser gun, The Mandalorian also offers a reflection on filiation and paternity. And in addition, there is baby “Grogu” Yoda…

Anne Demoulin’s top 10:

1. The Mandalorian S02 2. I Know This Much Is True 3. The Lady’s Game 4. Dispatches from Elsewhere 5. BoJack Horseman, S06 6. I May Destroy You 7. Tales From The Loop 8. This is how i love you 9. Mrs America 10. The Boys S02

His spotlight: “This is how I love you”

A daring tragicomic series. With an old song by Mike Brant in the background, the Quebecois series This is how i love you, available in France on Salto, follows two couples in the summer of 1974 who will kill the deep boredom of their married life by becoming the deadliest criminals in the history of organized crime in the Quebec region. Halfway between Breaking Bad and a Coen Brothers film, a funny, squeaky, wacky and intelligent series to catch up with!

Vincent Julé’s top 10:

1. Shame, S06 2. Raised by Wolves (the pilot) 3. Curb Your Enthusiasm, S10 4. How To Get Away With Murder, S06 5. This is Us, S04 and 05 6. The Undoing 7. Riverdale, S04 8. New Amsterdam, S02 9. The Resident, S03 10. Grey’s Anatomy, S16

His favorite: “Skam”

This year, the French teen show Skam took off and broke away from the original Norwegian format with its seasons 5 and 6. A first among the adaptations of this teen phenomenon. The series had already begun to assert its own identity over the seasons (especially the third), and season 6 completes this transformation with new characters, a more tragic tone, and an intense heroine, Lola, carried by the revelation Flavie Delangle . The portrait of a young girl on fire of 2020.

The top 10 of Aude Lorriaux

1. I May Destroy You 2. Mrs America 3. Ten percent, S04 5. The Legends Office S05 6. The Mandalorian, S02 7. Laetitia 8. The flame 9. Run. She took advantage of the confinement to catch up to 10. Pose

His favorite:

It is without any hesitation that for my part, I award the palm for the best series of 2020 to I May Destroy You. This is the story of Arabella, a young aspiring writer camped by the excellent Michaela Coel (who is also the director), raped during one evening. This rape is never shown from the outside, but always from the inside, by reminiscence, from Arabella’s point of view. It is these flashbacks, this reconstructed scenario of traumatic memory, a subject never so well explored, that make I May Destroy You one of the most innovative series of this year.

Fabien Randanne’s top 10:

1. I May Destroy You 2. Homeland 3. Hollywood 4.The Haunting of Bly Manor 5. How To Get Away With Murder, S06 6. Work in Progress 7. Defending Jacob 8. The Bold Type, S04 9. Elite, S03 10. The Crown, S04

His spotlight: “Patria”

Adaptation of the novel by Fernando Aramburu, the action of Homeland takes place over more than twenty years in the Basque Country. In 1990, Txato, an entrepreneur was killed by ETA. In 2011, when the separatists gave up armed action, his widow Bittori returned to the city she had left after the death of her husband to try to understand and find out precisely who fired. The eight episodes multiply back and forth between the different eras to retrace the lives of members of two formerly friendly families. Without Manichaeism, she tackles, among other things, the themes of terrorism, commitment, guilt and Basque identity through characters with multiple layers. If the opening can leave circumspect an audience fond of immediately hectic intrigues, we must not stop there: it would be depriving ourselves of the beautiful and overwhelming human drama that is Homeland.

The top 10 of Clément Rodriguez:

1. Little Fires Everywhere 2. Hollywood 3. Baron Noir, S03 4. Upload 5. The Lady’s Game 6. The flame 7. Unorthodox 8. Valid 9. Love, Victor 10. Ten percent, S04

His spotlight: “Little Fires Everywhere”

When we launch the first episode of Little Fires Everywhere, we wonder if we are not going to attend a pale copy of Big Little Lies. Family secrets, a wealthy neighborhood with well-mowed lawns and the question of motherhood in the background. Finally, the perfectly ordered life of Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon) and the less rosy existence of Mia Warren (Kerry Washington) come face to face in a world far from being Manichean. It is above all this ordinary and internalized racism that offers us a reflection on the societal issues of today in a series whose history however takes place in 1997. All against the backdrop of an original soundtrack that we still listen to today. hui.

Clio Weickert’s top 10:

1. Ms America 2. Little Fires Everywhere 3. Ratched 4. The Haunting of Bly Manor 5. Ten percent, S04 6. Valid 7. Sex Education, S02 8. This is Us, S04 and two older series caught up during confinement 9. The Leftovers 10. Sharp Objects

Her favorite: “Mrs America”

A dive into the heart of the American feminist movement when the Equal Rights Amendment was proposed in the 1970s, to guarantee equality between men and women. An amendment which, by the way, has still not been ratified to date … We (re) discover the struggles of the great figures of the movement across the Atlantic, Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Betty Friedan, but also the poor arguments and the low blows from opposing parties. Special mention to Cate Blanchett who brilliantly embodies the ultra-conservative Phyllis Schlafly, full of contradictions and prisoner of the patriarchy. A series that makes you want to fight for your rights, again and again.

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