Sunday, February 28

The Red Cross could stay in CHSLDs until the end of March

The federal government is extending its financial support to the Canadian Red Cross so that its volunteers continue to lend a hand to employees of long-term care establishments in Quebec.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday that the 500 or so Red Cross volunteers will be able to stay at work “at least until March 31” in Quebec residential and long-term care centers (CHSLDs).

“By this date, Quebec should be able to fully assume the management of CHSLDs and regain control of the situation,” Trudeau said at a press briefing in Ottawa.

In July, the first group of workers trained by the Canadian Red Cross had completed its training and was ready to take over from the soldiers who had been urgently deployed to CHSLDs in Quebec to curb catastrophic outbreaks. This boost from the Red Cross was renewed in November, until January 15. Federal aid would therefore make it possible to maintain this support until the end of March.

Since May, the Red Cross has come to the rescue in CHSLDs in Quebec and more recently in Ontario and Manitoba. She also supported isolation sites in Windsor-Essex for temporary foreign workers from across southwestern Ontario.

In addition, Ottawa pledged in May to provide funding of up to $ 100 million to help the Red Cross respond to increased demands, due to COVID-19 but also due to floods and fires in forest. The federal government announced Wednesday that it will donate “up to an additional $ 70 million” to the Red Cross in the fight against COVID-19.

Specifically, Ottawa will provide up to $ 35 million for Red Cross personnel in outbreak crisis management activities, and up to $ 35 million for the agency’s screening activities.

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