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Prince William Kate Middleton: They filter the Christmas postcard of the Royals

  • Christmas postcard appears of Prince William and Kate Middleton accompanied by their children
  • In the postcard it is possible to observe the greatest heirs, 7-year-old George being the next, after his father, to take the crown
  • It is not yet known how much the Christmas holidays will change due to the current coronavirus pandemic

As is now customary, Prince William and Kate Middleton send the people of England a card where the future heirs to the British crown and their children wish them a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2021.

Being a tradition for many families and not only for royalty, a few days ago the official Instagram account of the entertainment portal,, leaked a tender postcard where the son of Lady Di appeared with his wife and children.

In the photograph, shared just a few days ago, it is possible to see Prince William next to his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

PHOTO: Instagram. Who.

Also on the beautiful postcard were her three children, the eldest 7 years old, George from Cambridge, Charlotte 5 years old and the little two year old Louis from Cambridge. A trio of little ones who at their young age show that elegant and distinguished tone, without neglecting the big smiles they show to the camera.

The publication is a photo of the postcard, and according to the entertainment medium, it argues the following at the bottom of the image:

“According to several accounts of loyal followers of British royalty, this is the postcard that the Dukes of Cambridge will send to congratulate the people of their country on Christmas and New Year, especially the health sector”

Later, the media gave the credits to the Instagram page called @princegeorgecharlottelouis, page dedicated to the smallest royals, for sharing this photo on social networks.

It was in 2011, at Westminster Abbey, when Prince William, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton, said yes at a luxurious wedding, full of great guests such as Elton John, David Beckham , Rowan Atkinson, among others.

You can see the postcard of Prince William and Kate Middleton here.

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