Thursday, March 4

Museum auction: Louvre in Paris takes in more than two million euros at auction

The Louvre in Paris
Image: Reuters

The first Louvre auction to date generated revenues of EUR 2.365 million. Among other things, the participation in an inspection of the Mona Lisa was auctioned.

BThe first auction to date by the Louvre in Paris generated revenues of EUR 2.365 million. In addition to works of art, a very special rendezvous with the “Mona Lisa” was auctioned during the two-week online campaign – participation in the annual inspection of the famous painting outside the showcase, as the museum announced.

This encounter with the “Mona Lisa” was auctioned for 80,000 euros. The estimates for the sale of this very special art experience were between 10,000 and 30,000 euros. Visiting the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting is usually not allowed.

Among the works of art auctioned, a picture by the contemporary French painter Pierre Soulages achieved the highest price. It was sold for 1.4 million euros. A custom-made watch from the Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin was auctioned for 280,000 euros.

The auction took place under the motto “Bid for the Louvre” (“Bid for the Louvre”) and was organized by the well-known auction houses Drouot and Christie’s. The proceeds will go to charitable and educational projects of the museum.

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