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Important updates for iPhones: iOS 14.3 and iOS 12.5 are here

The new update for iPhone or iPad is now available. The iOS update can be installed not only on new, but also on older Apple models. This could enable owners of the iPhone 6 to download the Corona warning app.

It was already clear at the end of last week that Apple would conjure up new updates out of its hat at the beginning of the new week. The beta phase of iOS 14.3 was officially closed and the corresponding release candidate for the new iPhone firmware was published. The final version followed on Monday evening. IOS 14.3 / iPadOS 14.3 is now available for newer iPhone and iPad versions. IOS 12.5 can be installed on older models. We’ll show you which changes and improvements you can expect after a software update.

iOS 14.3 was introduced along with AirPods Max

The update to iOS 14.3 was teased for the first time almost a week ago; to introduce Apple’s new Luxury headphones AirPods Max. They require the latest iOS version as a minimum requirement so that all functions such as hi-fi audio and 3D audio can be used. In addition, iOS 14.3 also supports Apple Fitness +. This is a new fitness subscription that can be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch (at least Series 3).

The appropriate app gives you access to workouts and fitness plans, among other things. You can access new videos every week for ten popular training types and use playlists supervised by fitness trainers. However, Apple Fitness + is not yet available in Germany at the start, but only in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland for the time being. In the US, it is $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year.

Camera update for the iPhone 12 Pro (Max): Direct image processing in the “Photos” app

In addition, users of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can take photos in the “Apple ProRAW” format after the update to iOS 14.3. Direct image editing is then possible in the “Photos” app. In addition, Apple has made it possible to record videos at 25 fps. Women can also store additional data such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or contraception in the cycle log in the “Health” app in order to optimize predictions about their period and the fertile phase.

The “WeatherApple has improved the app in iOS 14.3 so that, among other things, helpful health recommendations are available in Germany for certain air quality values. The information can also be called up via the Siri voice assistant. According to Apple, the national guidelines recently updated in Germany are taken into account.

These bugs should be fixed with the update

Apple also promises to have fixed an issue that could cause problems receiving MMS messages. According to the developers, a bug that prevented the “Messages” app from receiving messages under certain circumstances no longer exists in iOS 14.3. Other bugs fixed include:

  • The option “Bluetooth” was not available in the settings in certain cases
  • Wireless charging did not work in certain cases
  • Some videos did not play correctly when they were shared using the Photos app
  • Cannot open app folders in certain situations

Apple has published an overview of all changes in iOS 14.3 on its homepage. The same applies to the changes in iPadOS 14.3.

iOS 12.5 also available for older Apple devices

If you are still using an older smartphone or iPad – such as the iPhone 6 or the first-generation iPad Air – you can also install a new update. Because Apple has also released iOS 12.5 for download. As always, this new firmware for older iPhones and iPads is primarily about a security update that closes various newly discovered vulnerabilities in iOS. But that’s not all. IOS 12.5 also offers iPhones the option of registering older models with the system for COVID-19 encounter messages.

The Corona Warn app can now also be downloaded for older devices – in theory

At least in theory, the one used in Germany would be Corona-Warn-App from the Robert Koch Institute can now also run on older iPhones. As developers of the app, Telekom and SAP are now required to use the opportunities created to increase the reach of the Corona warning app. So far, iOS 13.6 was the minimum requirement to install and use the warning app on iPhones.

At the moment it is still unclear whether a further development of the app in this direction is planned in the near future. It would definitely make sense, as there had been a lot of criticism from the population and from individual politicians that only new smartphones support the Corona Warn app. A request from “inside digital” at Deutsche Telekom and SAP as to whether a corresponding further development of the warning app can be expected has so far remained unanswered.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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