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Jenni Rivera video concert: A fan warned her that they were going to kill her

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  • Video resurfaces where a fan warned Jenni Rivera that they were going to kill her.
  • Among the public, some users affirm that the phrase “Today they kill her” was heard.
  • It was in the last concert that the Diva de la Banda performed before dying.

Today they kill her! After 8 years of the death of Jenni Rivera, a video of her concert in Monterrey resurfaces, where a fan allegedly warned her that they were going to kill her, after this “warning”, hours later, Jenni’s plane crashed and died.

It was on December 9, 2012 when Jenni Rivera left a great void in the world of regional Mexican music, causing in her wake countless fans with a broken heart and a family devastated by the loss of her beloved Jenni Rivera.

At 3:00 pm, Jenni Rivera along with her publicist, her makeup artist, her lawyer and stylist, boarded the private plane that the Rivera family had, which would take them to the Adolfo López Mateos international airport in Toluca.

VIDEO: YouTube. El Universal

Jenni Rivera and her companions should have arrived around 4:30 a.m., however that did not happen, because the plane they were flying suffered a terrible accident when it crashed in the municipality of Iturbide in Nuevo León.

This event ended the lives of Arturo Rivera Ruiz, Jacob Yebale, Jorge Armando Sánchez, Mario Macías Pacheco, their two pilots and Jenni Rivera.

Before this happened, Jenni Rivera was offering a concert at the Monterrey Arena, which would unknowingly become the last presentation that “La Gran Señora” would offer.

This concert, and thanks to a video that went viral in 2018, it is possible to listen to a fan, who supposedly warned Jenni that ‘today they were going to kill her’.

The short fragment was shared by the YouTube page of the portal The universal, where in the middle of a concert held in the city of Monterrey, a fan in the audience supposedly shouted that today they were going to kill her.

You can see the video of Jenni Rivera’s concert where they warned her that “Today they were going to kill her” here.

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