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Hispanics first. An expert from the University of Pennsylvania says that to contain the pandemic, minorities must first be vaccinated

  • The Coronavirus Vaccine Will It Reach Hispanics and Minorities?
  • Giving the right people the COVID-19 vaccine can change the course of the pandemic according to a recent report
  • Hispanics, African Americans, and descendants of Native peoples have been disproportionately affected by the virus

A new analysis indicates that the first vaccines should be for Hispanics, African Americans and descendants of Native peoples, who have been disproportionately affected by the virus, according to The Associated Press.

In government, however, no one has given the go-ahead to that proposal, which would represent a radical departure from the population-based approach adopted by Operation Warp Speed, in charge of the rapid production and distribution of a vaccine.

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“It is not necessarily a math problem. It’s a matter of implementing a commitment to social justice, ”said Harald Schmidt, an expert in the ethics of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Schmidt, made the analysis of possible strategies together with colleagues from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston College.

Vaccines for the “right” people

If vaccines go to the right people, says Schmidt, everyone will benefit: Fewer people will be infected, the capacity of hospitals will increase and the economy will be able to reactivate. In addition, many lives will be saved.

According to The Associated Press, in October a panel advising the government proposed separating 10% of vaccines to add to the quota assigned to states with the highest percentage of disadvantaged groups.

However, the recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has been largely ignored.

Schmidt’s analysis indicates that the strategy could allocate 12.3 million vaccines to the most vulnerable people in the first stage of distribution compared to the population-based method.

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