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Soon electric scooters and motorcycles in the bus lanes in Paris?

Two people on a scooter in Paris (Illustration) – Michel Euler / AP / SIPA

  • Electric two-wheelers are now considered to be “very low emission vehicles” (VTFE) and “may in particular benefit from privileged traffic and parking conditions”, according to a decree.
  • It is now up to the local authorities to authorize access to these roads on a case-by-case basis. In Paris, the subject is not “the agenda”, one indicates to the Town hall.
  • In the meantime, users or even taxi drivers are divided on the measure.

Confusion in the bus lanes? While this route is currently used by buses and taxis, electric scooters and motorcycles could join them as well. The public service site indicated at the end of November that they could now travel on the lanes reserved for buses, in order to avoid traffic. But it is now up to local authorities to authorize access to these routes on a case-by-case basis, according to the mobility orientation law passed at the end of 2019. But is the capital ready for such a upheaval?

“This modification to the Highway Code has just been implemented by the government, and it is obvious that this will change the journeys of a good number of owners of electric scooters and motorcycles in France, and in particular in Paris, where we are. . Our customers will now be able to drive on certain “reserved lanes”, that is to say in particular all bus and taxi lanes “, explains Julien Garcia, Managing Director and co-founder of the two Parisian stores.
The New Scooters. Except that in Paris, the decision is far from being settled and a discussion on the subject is not yet on the “agenda”, one indicates to the Town hall in 20 Minutes.

“It would be a very bad measure, anti cycling, anti bus and anti taxis”

“It would be a very bad measure, anti cycling, anti bus and anti taxis. I have always been opposed to motorized two-wheelers, electric or not, circulating in the lanes of buses. It is dangerous for cyclists, and it would slow down buses and taxis. So it’s no! », Moreover posted on Twitter, last November 29, Christophe Najdovski, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the revegetation of public space and green spaces. What do users think?

On the occasion of a call for participation launched by 20 Minutes among Parisians, opinions are divided. “I think it would be very helpful if the bus lanes were accessible to scooters knowing that the bus lanes are empty most of the time. Indeed, the Parisian roads are quite tight. Clumping in the car lanes does not make sense. It’s even dangerous, ”says Laurent.

“No I do not agree because it will increase the number of accidents in this way, in addition these scooters will slow down the circulation of buses and taxis”, notes Hamid for his part. “I cross Paris daily. During rush hour, some lanes, due to their narrowness, do not allow circulation between cars [notamment le long de la Seine]. Being able to use the bus lanes would be a great advantage. I don’t think cyclists will be in more danger than before. And many scooters were already using the bus lanes, ”said Hugo.

“It generated us”

But not all taxis hear it that way. “Us, that generated us! It will clutter the way, it will reduce traffic instead of making it more fluid. If there are more people, it will inevitably slow down the traffic ”, deplores Mohamed driver and member of CGT taxis, requested by 20 Minutes. But the regulars of two-wheelers still hope that the measure passes in Paris. “It would be a shame not to have him in Paris. This measure could however be an incentive and allow the development of electricity in Paris, ”continues Julien Garcia.

“There will be a discussion on the subject”, is abundant in the town hall. But not sure that the measure will succeed. On the other hand, paid parking for two wheels in Paris is well and truly in the pipeline as is already the case in Charenton-le-Pont and Vincennes (Val-de-Marne). “Anne Hidalgo and I, during the electoral campaign, we declared in favor of paying parking for motorized two-wheelers. For the moment, we are working, nothing has yet been arbitrated. Things will settle down at the start of next year ”, indicated to Parisian, David Belliard, the deputy mayor (EELV) in charge of transport.


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