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Presidential election of 2022: Xavier Bertrand tries to convince on sovereign issues

Is Xavier Bertrand also able to move forward on both legs? Potential candidate for the 2022 presidential election for the right, recognized and identified by the general public on social or health matters, the former minister of labor but also of health, current president of the Hauts-de-France region , must also convince on sovereign issues.

In a France anguished by the recent Islamist attacks, by violence during demonstrations, but also divided on its relationship to the police, the right is convinced that it must once again impose itself on security issues. “The presidential election will be played in part on the regal”, predicts Eric Ciotti, member of the Les Républicains (LR) party of the Alpes-Maritimes, who expects the candidate from the right to “Embodies authority”.

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But Xavier Bertrand knows it. If he has already spoken on security issues, he does not yet embody this theme among voters. “He was the last great minister of health, but he does not have the experience of fire, he has not gone through a royal ministry ”, analyzes a leading elected official, who nevertheless believes in the candidacy of the president of Hauts-de-France.

“Not yet another law! “

It is precisely with this objective that the elected representative of the North decided to lead, in December, a media offensive on questions of security, immigration and Islamism. Subjects considered by the candidate as “The symbol of the failure of Emmanuel Macron’s policy”.

An interview with Figaro published on Saturday 5 December opens a sequence which should continue at the end of the weekend with a passage in “Political Sunday”, on France 3. Before a possible interview in a radio or television at the end of December, and perhaps an interview in a weekly.

Asked about his proposals against radicalism, the elected representative replies in the daily that there is a need for “Global strategy supported by the whole nation! Not yet another law! “ “Already, let’s apply the texts with constancy and harshness in the face of those who fight against France”, he adds. For him, it is necessary to specify in the Constitution “The content and scope of secularism to counter communitarian thrusts. Secularism is the separation of Church and State, neutrality of public service, respect for freedom of opinion and conscience, but also the place and respect for women in society ”, he explains to Figaro.

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