Saturday, July 24

“The Marigold – The Ring of Prosperity”: a ring with over 12,000 diamonds

New Delhi | A flower-shaped ring in which more than 12,000 diamonds sparkle has entered the Guinness Book of Records, but its creator, a 25-year-old Indian jeweler, is so proud of it that he is not yet willing to put it on sale.

Baptized The Marigold – Ring of Prosperity, the jewel has 12,638 diamonds precisely and weighs just over 165 grams. “Comfortable, she is doing well,” jeweler Harshit Bansal, from Uttar Pradesh state in northern India, told AFP on Friday.

This “dream project” made concrete by this young designer, saw the light of day two years ago while he was studying jewelry in Surat, a city located in the west of India and the center of diamonds in this region. country.

“I have always aimed for the more than 10,000 diamonds” assured Mr. Bansal, “over the years, I have destroyed many designs and concepts in order to concentrate solely on this objective”.

He broke the previous record, also approved by Guinness in India, for a ring set with 7,801 diamonds.

Mr. Bansal has already received a number of proposals for the acquisition of his incomparable creation, but he “does not intend to sell it at the moment. It is a matter of pride for us. It is priceless. “

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