Saturday, July 24

Emmanuel Macron promises an answer on menstrual insecurity

Emmanuel Macron, May 6, 2020. – Ludovic Marin / AP / SIPA

Asked about the problem of menstrual insecurity, this Friday, Emmanuel Macron promised “a very concrete answer” for 2021, referring to the fate of women “who are on the street” and cannot “buy something to protect themselves and what to be worthy ”.

Will France adopt “free hygiene protection as voted in Scotland”? “I asked that we move forward, I want that with the competent associations and for all the women who are in this situation we can have an answer”, declared the Head of State during an interview with Gross.

Insecurity, but also rape

“I do not want to preempt the work of the government but it is something which in the first half of next year will have a very concrete answer,” he continued.

“Because, when you see women who are in very great precariousness, who are on the streets, they experience everything a man experiences, physical exhaustion, reduction in your lifespan, illnesses that contracts, humiliation, and they also experience two things (…): indeed menstrual insecurity, the fact of having periods in the street and not being able to buy something to protect themselves and something to be worthy in the day, and then rape, ”he detailed. “And so that is an action on which I want us to strengthen the work with associations, social services, municipalities,” said Emmanuel Macron.

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