Sunday, April 18

500 teachers demonstrate in Mauricie

Nearly 500 teachers demonstrated on Friday to demand change in the education network. This visibility operation was held in Trois-Rivières and Louiseville, in Mauricie.

The teachers are exasperated and want their working conditions changed. Problems in the education network were present long before the pandemic. We denounce the heavy tasks, the imbalance in the classes and the lack of services for students in difficulty.

“The small everyday miseries that we are able to resolve, well they are resolved through good negotiations. We just hope that things move in the right direction, ”a teacher told TVA Nouvelles.

In Trois-Rivières, at the intersection of Forges and Récollets boulevards, more than 200 teachers shared the same message. On the signs, we could read the slogan: “Things must change now”.

Negotiations have stalled for a year according to the Old Forges Teaching Union. The collective agreement expired in March.

“It takes two to negotiate. The government tells us that it has a financial framework and that it will not go beyond that. But if we want to find solutions to the exasperation of teachers in their working conditions, the government must move. While education is a priority for him, people in education must also be a priority, ”said Claudia Cousin, president of the Old Forges Education Union.

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