Monday, March 1

The madness for Lidl’s party dress, sold out in hours: it costs 11.99 euros and you can find it here

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Lidl It is no longer a competition only for the supermarkets of our country. From the success of his colorful slippers that were sold out in less than three hours in the month of october– or your kitchen robot, fashion and shoe stores should be vigilant. And the fact is that the German supermarket chain has done it again: it has put on sale a garment that has swept. In this case it is a dress short, sweater type, black and shiny that costs 11.99 euros.

The German supermarket has already experienced the ‘madness’ generated with one of its items from its fashion collection: the Lidl colored sneakers blue, yellow and red and with the company logo on the tongue they were on resale pages at exorbitant prices. Cost 19,99 euros and there were those who offered them for 200. Although the dress has not appeared on platforms such as Ebay or Wallapop, at least for the moment, it will have to go through several super stores of this chain to find it.

The fine knit dress is out of stock on the web in all its sizes. “Black sweater dress with decorative sequins for women, ideal as outfit informal with a sophisticated touch “, is the description that the German gives to his garment. And although we do not know if it was bought to be an” informal outfit “or as a special set for a holiday, it has been a success.

Since Lidl they have not commented on possible replacements, so if you want to get yours you will have to look a lot to find it. In fact, from Elle they assure that the queues have not only been virtual but also in person to buy the fashionable suit.

As for the promise by the German to replace his shoes in December, nothing is yet known. But if in addition to the sneakers they restock the dresses, it is very likely that they will be sold out again. And it is that their prices are really competitive.

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