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“Marqui-Dios” is the savior of PSG in the Champions League

Marquinhos was one of the great architects of the Parisian victory in Manchester. – Oli SCARFF / AFP

  • PSG won against Manchester United thanks to a brace from Neymar and a goal from Marquinhos.
  • Savior of PSG on a close range shot from Martial, the Parisian captain then revived his team by scoring the goal that changed the face of the match.

La pata de dios (the paw of god, in French in the text). Savior of PSG last summer at the very end of the match against Atalanta Bergamo in the Final 8 in Lisbon, Marquinhos again donned his superhero suit on Wednesday night against Manchester United, scoring the 2-1 goal at a time of the match when we would not have bet a dirty sock on the Parisian victory. In the right place, at the right time after a messed up corner in the Mancunian defense, the Brazilian made a sequence worthy of a Pipo Inzaghi of the great years to come and push the ball with his spikes in the goal of David De Gea.

And modest with that

It was already he who, a few minutes earlier, had almost hit the mark by placing a beautiful head extended on the crossbar. It was already he, above all, who had torn himself away like a rabid clebs to counter a miraculous tackle an almost ready-made goal for Anthony Martial. Faithful to his image – and to the piece of fabric that he has proudly worn around his arm since the start of the season – the Parisian captain did not linger for a single moment on his performance, preferring as often to salute the collective performance of this overthrowing PSG.

“This one is good for the team, for the confidence. We are very happy. Take these three points here, we knew it was very important. I’m happy with the team’s performance, we played with courage, with personality, he said after the match at RMC Sport’s microphone. We had good times, more complicated times. Against a big team like that, you have to take advantage of the good times and try to control in the difficult times. “

Marquinhos sees it right, his team suffered as never after returning from the locker room, missing three times – a harvest of Martial in the 49th, the bar of Cavani and, therefore, the rescue of Marqui in front of Martial again – to cash a second goal after which it would have been very hard to get up. “In the second half, we tried to move forward, to take more risks, they failed to convert the chances they had, we made our own and we are very happy tonight. », Continues Marquinhos.

A statue for Marqui

After taking things in hand in attack, the former Roma returned to the basics of his profession: defense. Because despite the pawn of 2-1, the case was still far from being folded for PSG. We had to defend hard against the siege in Mancun in the last quarter of an hour, when Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer’s men threw crosses with a shovel in front of Keylor Navas’ cages, hoping to find their Marquinhos for the last move.

But in this little game, the Brazilian is far from being the last when it comes to going to the wind, even if it means taking cleats for a good cause. It was also with a bloody face and swollen eye that the Parisian captain ended the match, after having eaten Martial’s elbow in the face a little earlier in the match. In war as in war.

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