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Corona debate at Maischberger (ARD): Jan Fleischhauer calls relaxation crazy and unbearable

TV review “Maischberger. The week “, ARD

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At “Maischberger. The week. ”The guests on ARD agree: The federal government continues to lack good explanations for corona rules. The TV review.

  • In the ARD were six guests on Wednesday evening (December 2nd, 2020) Sandra Maischberger to guest.
  • In „Maischberger. The week“A lot has been said about the strict partLockdown for cultural workers and the Crown-Strategies discussed by the federal government.
  • Medic Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and FDP politician Wolfang Kubicki represented at Maischberger in the ARD noticeably opposing viewpoints.

Berlin – Corona is and will remain the subject that currently dominates public opinion most. So it is not surprising that it is also with today’s broadcast maischberger. the week to the pandemic and its varied effects went. With the writer Elke Heidenreich and the cabaret artist Maren Kroymann, two cultural workers were present who shared their experiences in this branch of the economy.

Other guests discussed with Sandra Maischberger in the Karl studio Lauterbach, Member of the Bundestag, SPD politician and epidemiologist, Wolfgang Kubicki, Bundestag Vice-President and FDP politician, Oliver Köhr, ARD capital correspondent and Jan Fleischhauer, “Focus” -Columnist.

TV review of “Maischberger. The week. “(ARD): Lauterbach and Kubicki in a clinch

Sandra pointed out to get in the mood Maischberger on the eventful AfD party congress where Jörg Meuthen pleaded for a milder course of his party. He advocated that another language, a less extremist one, should be used. For example, it’s about stopping “Corona-Dictatorship” to speak. That yourself Meuthen Those present did not believe that his view would prevail within the party. Jan Fleischhauer and Oliver Köhr agreed that only with the implementation of a moderate course could the party seize its chance to participate in the government.

After this brief excursion, Karl sat down Lauterbach and Wolfgang Kubicki across from. At times the conversation took on the character of an argument in which personal vanities came to the fore. This prevented, at least on the part of Kubicki, a factual discussion. However, many new findings did not come to light. Kubicki addressed to Lauterbach a number of allegations.

On the one hand, this has a tendency to be alarmist. So have Lauterbach claims that schools will not have regular classes for over a year. Lauterbach countered by saying that his statements were completely appropriate, because that is how it would happen, “normal” lessons would not be possible for a year and a half. The two men played a few balls to each other in this style. Another topic was how it was Kubicki called, excess of politics in relation to the concrete activities. In doing so, he insisted on closing the restaurants, which he does not consider justified.

“Maischberger. The week. ”(ARD) in the TV review: Lauterbach urges caution

Lauterbach but made it clear that there are studies that have shown that the highest risk of infection is with the Corona-Virus exactly in fitness centers and restaurants. When people came together in a closed room, they talked a lot mask decrease, which is inevitably the case with eating and drinking, keep that Virus in the air. Even after two to three hours, after the virus carrier has already left the room, it could Virus still exist and cause contagion.

The epidemiologist Lauterbach warned most violently against believing that FFP2 Masks the ultimate solution against infection. Compared to the everyday masks, the balance is not that different, but above all one should not believe that one can feel safe with such a mask and that one can be careless in other behavior. Contagion always takes place where and when Masks would be removed.

The criticism that too Lauterbach It was suggested that the politicians were not dealing appropriately with the situation came from various camps. For Kubicki it was about a lack of proportionality in the implementation of the measures for Fleischhauer a failure to learn from the experience of other countries. Fleischhauer listed Asian countries as examples, such as Taiwan and South Korea, that have been rigorously tracked by the Corona-Pandemie got under control. They are ready to restrict all possible rights, but do not dare to approach data protection, said Fleischhauer. Lauterbach objected vehemently, because the recipe for success in the countries mentioned is primarily due to the fact that they are tough there Lockdown prevailed for a much longer time.

TV review of “Maischberger. Die Woche. ”(ARD): Unanimous criticism of the government

What those present agreed was the finding of government miscommunication. If restaurants or cultural institutions because of Corona would be closed, which had presented a hygiene concept for months, it would require an explanation. Köhr confirmed that he too lacked honest and plausible explanations. He believed that it was largely about overburdening the politicians with the situation, which in his opinion was understandable, as unfortunately one could not fall back on extensive experience. Koehr put hope in one vaccine against that Corona-Virus. And Lauterbach was encouraging, the preparations in question so far only had harmless side effects, so that they could soon be used.

The cultural sector is one of the major victims of the current measures. The culture is lying idle, said Kroymann. She and her colleagues may not be systemically relevant, she argued militantly, but they are “emotionally relevant”. She lacks the appreciation of the government, which, in her opinion, underestimates the importance of culture. Here she was from Fleischhauer supported that they looked what was not absolutely necessary and shut it down.

“Maischberger. The week. ”(ARD) in the TV review: Culture has to back down hard

The situation is catastrophic for many cultural workers, confirmed Kroymann. There are many occupational fields that already operate under precarious conditions, and they are now even more pronounced. You like to do without that Christmas partyif she could go back on stage just a few weeks earlier. All those involved thought little of the planned relaxation over the holidays. This exaggeration of the festival was unbearable and the easing was crazy, said Fleischhauer. After the holidays, a third wave of infection threatens, Karl also prophesied Lauterbach.

The program ends with the arrival of Elke Heidenreich in a cheerful tone. Personally, she could Corona-Pandemie definitely positive, as it is a chance for everyone to deal with themselves and to come to themselves. Reading and writing are lonely activities in themselves, but she is slowly running out of energy. She always charged her batteries with culture, for example at a concert or in the theater. Her planned reading tour for the new book “Men in Camel Hair Coats” is also missing. Among the many quick-witted statements that Heidenreich’s “lust for provoking” like it Maischberger expressed, once again demonstrated, was the most powerful: “Culture is what makes us human.” (Teresa Vena)

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