Wednesday, January 20

Successful moon landing for Chang’e 5, but no live images

China did not broadcast the successful Chang’e 5 moon landing live … Even the live streaming was interrupted.

Of the great leap of the Chinese space program, only Chinese public television broadcast images after the fact. Perhaps the fear of a problem, the pressure was great for the Chinese National Space Administration, as this mission is the first Earth attempt to bring back moon rocks since 1976 …

Named after a moon goddess according to Chinese mythology, the Chang’e 5 probe left Earth last Tuesday. Composed of 4 modules, an orbiter, a lander, an ascent module and a return capsule, it must now collect around 2 kg of moon rocks. To achieve this, she would have to dig the ground up to two meters deep.

The samples will be taken from an area never explored, the Ocean of Storms (in Latin, Oceanus Procellarum), a vast lava plain, according to the journal Nature. They should make it possible to add additional pieces to the great puzzle of the history of the Moon.

The return of the rocks to Earth should take place in December, in Inner Mongolia in northern China.

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