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Dramatic minutes: there was sheer horror – shopkeepers as first responders

Amok drive in Trier: As a first aid worker: shopkeeper stops bleeding from seriously injured people

At 1:48 p.m. on Tuesday, a fatal rampage through the city center began in Trier. A 51-year-old has left five dead and numerous injured, some are still fighting for their lives. Doing the right thing within a few seconds to save lives was a difficult task that some shopkeepers had faced intuitively without thinking too much.

The first seriously injured and dead were in Trier’s Brotstrasse, from where the alleged perpetrator started the roughly one kilometer drive through the city center. But there were also courageous people who immediately and carefully helped the victims of the rampage while still on the street.

Shop owner Alfons E. (39) immediately hurried from his neighboring shop to the scene. With his presence of mind, he assessed the situation with three seriously injured people on the street and rang the doorbells at medical practices in the immediate vicinity, even before the first rescue workers were on site. “I sent my employees to the left and right of the medical centers in order to get specialist staff on the street as quickly as possible. We retailers provided the injured with blankets and did everything we could to help the people as quickly as possible, ”says the shopkeeper, describing the dramatic minutes on Brotstrasse.

Screams, sheer horror, chaos

He also describes the situation on site as highly dramatic. Many passers-by cried and the injured people screamed in pain. There was sheer horror. More and more shopkeepers and their employees rushed to help. This is also the case with Martin K. (43), who was caring for a seriously injured elderly man right in front of his shop: “Until the emergency services arrived, we calmed the man who was approachable, warmed him with blankets and stopped his bleeding. Since I had medical training as a first aider before starting my business with the Bundeswehr, I knew what to do. “

One day later, the shopkeepers and their employees are still thinking about the dramatic events of the rampage. Candles were placed and flowers were placed in the places where people died. “We hope and pray that the seriously injured will get through. Today our condolences go especially to all victims and their relatives ”, said Martin K.

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