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Covid-19: the controversy over the origin of the virus is growing

A year or so after its appearance, the controversy rebounds over the origin of Covid-19, its transmission and its management by the Chinese authorities. A scientific subject that has become extremely political.

Monday 1er December, the American channel CNN but also the Wall Steet Journal have made new revelations. The date may not owe anything to chance: it is officially the 1er December 2019 that a first patient was spotted in Wuhan, the capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, presenting the symptoms of a new respiratory disease.

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According to a confidential 117-page report written by the Hubei Control and Prevention Center and transmitted to CNN by a whistleblower, regional authorities ignored the fact that in December 2019, several cities in the province, including its capital Wuhan, recorded a number of influenza up to twenty times higher than the previous year. They would therefore have lacked vigilance or professionalism and would not have made the link with this first case.

Officially, according to the White Paper published by China on June 7, it was on December 30, 2019 that the Wuhan authorities revealed the existence of several cases of unknown pneumonia. They do not report transmission between humans, a scenario which, however, already worries several doctors in Wuhan hospitals.


According to the report revealed by CNN, the Chinese authorities have also tended to underestimate the number of sick people. Thus on February 10, they reported 2,478 new confirmed cases. In fact, on the same day, authorities in Hubei were reporting 5,918 cases – cumulating confirmed cases, “clinically diagnosed” cases and “suspected cases”. The date of February 10 owes nothing to chance. It is the day that President Xi Jinping, unusually absent from the media in previous days, holds a video conference with hospital staff in Wuhan.

Presented as shattering, the CNN revelations show above all that the Chinese authorities seem to have groped throughout the month of December 2019. Then, in a second step, established a minimum count of cases. Incidentally, the publication of a classified document shows that there are still people within Hubei’s health system who are not satisfied with the official truth and take the risk of spreading information outside.

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