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Chronicle: They fall by chance in Immigration raid

  • Chronicle: They fall by chance in an ICE raid.
  • Mexican and Salvadoran will now be severely punished.
  • The federal government hopes that their cases will serve as an example to other immigrants.

The ‘Migration’ had a great stroke of luck when it carried out an operation to stop lying immigrants (who accepted before a judge that they would leave the country voluntarily but did not).

And it is that, in the course of the operation ‘Broken Promise’ the agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) which allowed them to arrest more than 150 immigrants in less than a month, they also captured a couple that were not expected.

They are a Mexican citizen and another Salvadoran who had previously been deported for serious crimes and who ICE was unaware of that they dared to return illegally.

Immigration calls this class of arrests “collateral arrests” and they tend to be frequent when they are after certain objectives. They almost always take the person they are looking for, but also others who are around them, either because they are undocumented or have a criminal record.

In this particular case, the detainees were Reymundo Castaneda, 32, a native of Mexico, as well as Elmer Antonio Murillo Villatoro, 42, a native of El Salvador.

Castaneda had already been expelled from the United States three times, while Murillo, five times.

ICE promised that for the former it will seek a sentence of 2 years in prison, plus a $ 250,000 fine for the ‘reentry‘, as the failure to re-enter without permission after being deported is known.

The last time Castaneda was fired from the US was for attacking another person and causing serious injury.

But it seems that Murillo will fare worse, as Immigration has said it will seek to sentence him to half a century in jail and to impose almost a million dollars in fine.

The crimes for which the Central American was deported were extremely serious. He was convicted of using false documents to obtain a social security card, among other charges.

Both were caught in operations carried out in Wake County (North Carolina) specifically in the city of Raleigh.

Elmer Antonio Murillo Villatoro (Wake Sheriff)

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