Monday, January 18

[BALADO] The Pay Zone: Are the Denver Broncos the sacrificed lamb of the NFL?

COVID-19 turns everything in its wake and Week 12 in the NFL saw a wacky scene as the Denver Broncos were forced to play a catcher as a starting quarterback in their encounter against the Saints. Whose fault is it? Your favorite podcast answers the thorny question while tackling the hot issues.

Are there any solutions for Eagles head coach Doug Pederson in the short term? Will we see the Tom Brady of sunny days again in Tampa Bay or was the hot destination just a mirage? Which rookie has the most impact within his roster on the Goodell Tour?

  • Listen to the podcast The paying zone below:

The paying zone Obviously has all the answers to questions with his traditional good humor and his comradeship as contagious as usual. Also, don’t miss all of the Week 13 predictions with several enticing matchups on the menu.

Who deserves a severe binge at Jäger Bomb? The famous “At the bar” column is back, and several top candidates were eligible this week. The solution to improving the game of several athletes often involves a stay at our friendly virtual tavern.

Good listening!

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The paying zone is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné, Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadorette

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