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The “zero long-term unemployed” bill adopted by Parliament

The National Assembly, November 24, 2020. – Jacques Witt / SIPA

The deputies voted unanimously on Monday evening in favor of expanding the experiment “zero long-term unemployed” from 10 to 60 territories the experiment “zero long-term unemployed”.

Deputies and senators had agreed on a common text, in a joint committee, on October 28. The idea of ​​the device is to mobilize the sums intended for unemployment compensation to finance employment-oriented companies (EBE) which recruit long-term unemployed on permanent contracts, paid at the minimum wage for socially useful and non-competing activities. existing jobs.

Metal recycling or bicycle repair

Voted by 79 votes for and 0 against, the bill aims to extend to 50 new territories, for five years, an experiment launched in early 2017 and carried out today in ten “territories” of 5,000 to 10,000 inhabitants, from Loos (North ) in Jouques (Bouches-du-Rhône) via Pipriac (Ille-et-Vilaine) or Villeurbanne (metropolis of Lyon).

They host 13 EBEs employing more than 800 employees in market gardening, logging, metal recycling or bicycle repair. The State contributes largely to the financing of the experiment, to the tune of 18,000 euros per year, per job, while the share of the departments is of the order of 1,500 euros.

Helping older people find work

The bill also includes other measures to simplify integration through economic activity (IAE), such as the abolition of compulsory approval from Pôle Emploi. It creates a “CDI inclusion” for people over 57 in difficulty or sets up the experimentation of a “bridge contract”, in order to facilitate the recruitment in traditional companies of people at the end of the integration process.

In a joint committee, the parliamentarians have registered a “derogatory” increase in the number of territories authorized for experimentation, which will be possible by decree in the Council of State. The agreement of the president of the departmental council will also be a prerequisite for a territory to be a candidate for the experiment.

The text was voted on at first reading by a show of hands in the Senate, with the votes of the LR, centrist, RDPI (ex LREM), RDSE with a radical majority and Independent groups. It had been adopted unanimously in the National Assembly. In 2019, the number of people unemployed for one year or more was 1.004 million, including 518,000 for two years or more, according to INSEE. If we add those who are not or no longer registered with Pôle Emploi, we estimate that some 2.5 million people are permanently deprived of work.

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