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Seven tasty movies about explosive family meals to watch before Christmas


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, movie theaters are still closed this week – they will reopen on December 15 – but movie lovers can take comfort in browsing platforms and TV channels.

As the holiday season looms, synonymous with family meals which, this year, will be postponed to better days, film critics of the World offer you a selection of tasty films on this theme.

“Festen” (1998): a revelation that sets fire to

” At table ! “, launches the master of ceremonies. It is at this precise moment that, already heavy, the atmosphere of this birthday dinner organized in the sumptuous castle of the head of the family surrounded by his children, grandchildren and friends, falls squarely into the absolute gloomy.

Since Shakespeare, we knew there was something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, but at this point! At 29, for his first feature film, Thomas Vinterberg drives home the point. The uneasy word did not yet exist when the film won the Jury Prize in Cannes in 1998. It’s a shame, he could have served.

Between the tomato lobster soup (or salmon, the question is asked) and the haunch of deer, Christian will reveal the heavy family secret he shared with his sister. The latter committed suicide for lack of being able to cope. Helge, the father, abused his children. Did his wife know? What about good society gathered around the table? Who saw ? Who didn’t want to see?

The director, who does not appear in the credits to satisfy the rules of the ephemeral school of the Dogma manifesto95, founded with Lars von Trier (natural setting, direct sound, carried camera, etc.), opted for a film aesthetic. family flared with aquavit and drunk with violence: dirty image, sometimes inaudible dialogue, unexpected zooms, abrupt framing. Except that none of the members of the said family will ever want to see him again … Twenty years later, we are still shaken. Philippe Ridet

“Festen”, Danish film by Thomas Vinterberg with Ulrich Thomsen, Henning Moritzen, Thomas Bo Larsen (1 h 45). On LaCinetek.

“Just the end of the world” (2016): the return of the “prodigal son”

In the hierarchy of nightmarish family meal movies, Xavier Dolan took a nice option with Just the end of the world, which is aptly named. Adapted from the eponymous play by Jean-Luc Lagarce, written in 1990, five years before the author died of AIDS, this story evokes, in such an ironic and heartbreaking way, the return of the “prodigal son” in his life. family.

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