Wednesday, January 27

Real Madrid without football or soul: loses to Shakhtar and could be eliminated from the Champions League

Real Madrid started with intensity, pressing very high and looking from the beginning to dominate Shakhtar. The Whites had the first chance very early, but Marco Asensio found himself with the post after a good cross from the left by Benzema.

It was only the 5th minute of the game and Zidane’s team showed its teeth to the Ukrainian team. However, the teeth were milk and did not bite enough to get ahead on the scoreboard.

The duel had not started well for Luis Castro’s men and the feelings worsened with Moraes’ injury after a hard tackle by Varane for which the Frenchman saw the yellow card. The center-back was forced to knock down the striker after a grotesque mistake by Nacho that caused the number ‘5’ to even be sent off.

Dentinho, the key dessert in the game, had to substitute minutes later for Moraes. Shakhtar seemed defenseless until then and Courtois was a mere spectator during the first half.

The match reached half-time with the initial result thanks in part to Trubin’s reflexes, as the goalkeeper pulled out a great hand to avoid the goal of an Asensio who was Real Madrid’s most dangerous during the first act.

The dominance of Zidane’s team deserved a greater prize, but the lack of a goal is the worst of companions in this of the Champions League. The absence of mordant and the galloping irregularity have been the characteristics of this Real Madrid during the first months of the season.

And it is that as if it were a monster with a thousand faces, Zidane’s team came out decomposed in the second half and Shakhtar took advantage of the weaknesses. Taison warned with a shot that forced Courtois to shine to avoid the goal of the Ukrainian team.

However, the Belgian, who had his defense as his worst enemy, could do nothing minutes later. Mendy and Varane do not understand each other and one by another the house to sweep. The bewilderment of Madrid was used by Dentinho to score and put the 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Varane, who is another without Ramos, lived another black night in the Champions League. Displaced, lost and being sent off on more than one occasion. Without the forcefulness he used to, the Frenchman allowed the Shakhtar forwards to look like Pelé and Garrincha in their prime.

As has happened so many times this season, Real Madrid was unable to turn the situation around and did not even create danger after the goal. A tired team, broken and without soul or heart. Dentinho’s goal left the white team KO and Zidane did not work out or the changes.

The finishing touch and the final 2-0 came in the 82nd minute. Counterattack and Salomon who took advantage of the highway towards Courtois’ goal to beat the Belgian goalkeeper with a hard shot and down. The Madrid defense was again portrayed for its passivity in this play that ended with the second and last goal for Shakhtar.

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