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Lawsuits after the 2020 US election: Trump supporters demand back donation millions

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Big disappointment for a Trump supporter: His donated millions have not led to any success in court. He now wants to sue the money back.

  • The voted out US-Präsident Donald Trump continues to fight with baseless accusations to withdraw the election victory of Joe Biden.
  • The legal advances by Trump’s legal team around Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have so far been unsuccessful.
  • Because the complain another Trump supporters fail, a follower now demands his Million donation back.

Houston – Joe Biden won the 2020 US election, Donald Trump’s lawsuits against the result have so far been unsuccessful. Because of “disappointing results” a Trump supporters now $ 2.5 million donated from one to Trump holding plaintiffs from Texas. The group “True the Vote“Had promised lawsuits in seven swing states – for alleged electoral fraud. This should win Biden in the US election 2020 are subsequently canceled and Trump stay in power.

The entrepreneur Frederic Eshelman gave the group 2.5 for this at the beginning of November Million dollars donated – and is now duped. “True the Vote” dropped all complaints. And the organization would also reject his inquiries with superficial statements. He has because of it filed suit in a Houston courtas the US medium “Bloomberg” reported.

“True the Vote”: “Too little time” for complaints from President Donald Trump

“True the Vote” has already confirmed its legal efforts in the US states in a statement Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin having already given up. To blame are hurdles in putting forward arguments, and there was also a lack of time.

The chairwoman of the association, Catherine Engelbrecht, also referred to the long-term goal of “True the Vote”: The electoral system in the USA with a view to repairing any upcoming elections.

Lawsuits against election victory: Trump fails – plaintiff wants his millions back

For Frederic Eshelman, who comes from North Carolina, it doesn’t seem to be going fast enough – and according to his own statement, he has already successfully put pressure on the group: They would have offered him a repayment of one million US dollars had he refrained from filing a lawsuit. Now he is fighting in court for the full amount.

Trumps Legal team including Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, in contrast to “True the Vote”, succeeded in filing numerous lawsuits in states won by Biden – but have so far not been successful either. 38 court decisions to the detriment of Trump supporters was the last of the Guardian newspaper. So it will be for Trump overall, it is increasingly unlikely that the election result will turn in his favor.

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