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Donald Trump Wisconsin files lawsuit against voting

  • Donald Trump files election lawsuit against Joe Biden in Wisconsin
  • This legal resource is presented just one day after this state certified the results
  • The US president appeals to the Supreme Court

The president of the United States, Donald Trump files a lawsuit against elections before Joe Biden in Wisconsin, for which he resorts to the Supreme Court, reported the news agencies of AP and EFE and some portals such as Chicago Tribune.

This legal resource is presented just one day after this state certified the results of the elections of last November 3, in which the Democrat won, alleging that there was electoral fraud.

The campaign of the still US president Donald Trump based his allegation in Wisconsin as follows: “With clear evidence of illegality, such as the illegal alteration of absentee votes (by mail), counting of ballots that had the required application, go through high denounce illegal indefinite confinement and maintain illegal electoral events called Democracy in the Park ”.

Image taken from Twitter @ChiTribune

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and the president of the state electoral commission certified Biden as the winner of the state’s 10 electoral votes.

Given this, Donald Trump asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which the conservatives control 4-3, to admit the cause directly, instead of starting in a lower court, for the elections in the United States.

Although they were asked for an opinion on the matter, Evers and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul did not immediately comment on Donald Trump’s lawsuit in Wisconsin.

“The people of Wisconsin deserve uniform enforcement of elections, plain and simple,” Trump’s attorney, Jim Troupis, said in a statement.

He added: “We know with absolute certainty that during the recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties illegal ballots have unduly influenced the electoral results of the election.”

Donald Trump’s clear goal in the Wisconsin lawsuit is to dismiss hundreds of thousands of ballots in an almost impossible attempt to eliminate Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the state that the Republican lost by nearly 20,700 votes.

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