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Stricter corona rules: This is new from tomorrow

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At the Corona summit on November 25, the federal and state governments agreed new rules for shopping. The new rules come into effect on December 1st.

  • The activities to contain the Coronavirus have been extended.
  • Also the Corona-Rules for shop were tightened.
  • The Mask requirement now also applies to Shops and in the parking lots.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage in Germany. As part of the Corona-Gipfels have the Prime Minister: inside and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) extended the agreed measures. The rules for shop will tightened. We have summarized the most important things.

From December 1, 2020, stricter corona rules will apply. (Symbol photo)

© Philippe Lopez/AFP

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 to slow down, the number of contacts was increased by ten to five people from maximum two households tightened. Only for this year’s holidays Christmas and on New Year’s Eve this rule was relaxed again. To the Christmas dinner and to Silvester-Party allowed to a maximum of ten people getting together. Children under the age of 14 are not usually affected.

Corona rules: Extension of the closure of restaurants

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have also closed the Gastronomy and partial closure of Hotels extended. At the moment, overnight stays in hotels are not allowed for tourist reasons. This regulation is also according to the Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier exposed at Christmas.

Loud Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is compliance with the AHA + AL rules urgently needed to avoid contagion with the Coronavirus to avoid. Care should therefore be taken to keep your distance, take hygiene measures and wear an everyday mask. In addition, the Corona warning app should be used and rooms should be ventilated regularly.

More rush due to Black Friday – stricter corona rules necessary

Through offers under Black Friday In the past week, many people have been lured into the cities and shops. An increase in sales is also to be expected because of the upcoming Christmas holidays. How does this rush fit in with compliance with the agreed Coronaactivities together? According to a resolution of the Corona summit, tightening of protective measures when shopping should be Risk of contagion minimize.

According to the federal government, the wholesale and retail trade will remain open. Each business got to Hygiene measures comply with and control access to the store. Queues should be avoided. Admission control would be conceivable through the use of Shopping cart or Shopping baskets. In a deal with a Sales area Up to 800 square meters, a maximum of one person per 10 square meters should be allowed. In a larger shop of 800 square meters or more, one person is allowed per 20 square meters. For Shopping-Center should be the respective total sales area.

Mask requirement in front of the shops due to Corona

In addition, applies to all Federal states a duty to wear one Mouth and nose protection while shopping. “The mask requirement will also apply in the future Retail stores and up Parking lots. This is what the Regulatory authorities consistently controlled and sanctioned ”, it says on the Federal government website. The new changes will take effect from December 1st. (Luisa Ebbrecht)

Headline list image: © Philippe Lopez / AFP

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