Wednesday, January 20

Romain Grosjean, the miracle of Formula 1, sends a message from his hospital bed

The miracle is doing well! From his hospital bed, driver Romain Grosjean, who survived a terrible accident during the Bahrain Formula 1 Frand Prize, wanted to reassure his fans and thank the medical teams. On the video posted on social networks, the hands bandaged from burns, he also praised the existence of the halo, a roll bar located above the cockpit of cars, even if he was against its installation a few years back.

An investigation will be carried out on this accident but indeed, it already appears that the halo made it possible to prevent him from being injured in the head when his car was embedded under the safety barriers.

Sa Haas left the track due to a collision just after the start of the race, was cut in half and caught fire after hitting the safety barriers at 220 km / h.

After minutes that seemed like hours, the 34-year-old Franco-Swiss pulled himself out of the “survival cell” (reinforced cockpit) of his F1, we saw him shaking away from the blaze. , helped by the driver of the Grand Prix medical car.

“That he survived is frankly a miracle,” notably testified his Danish teammate Kevin Magnussen.

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