Tuesday, January 26

Gun control | Ottawa urged to pass bill

The Trudeau government must honor its promises and act quickly to make the bans on assault weapons and handguns “complete and permanent”.

Eric-Pierre Champagne
Eric-Pierre Champagne

Survivors and families of victims of the killings at Dawson College (2006), at the Quebec City mosque (2017) and in the Danforth neighborhood in Toronto (2018) joined the PolySeSouvient group on Monday to demand stronger measures from the federal government .

“We are very pleased with the progress concerning assault weapons, namely the decrees announced on 1er last May banning some 1,500 specific models in addition to those that were added to the list according to certain criteria, ”points out Heidi Rathjen, who witnessed the killing at the École Polytechnique on December 6, 1989.

But the Trudeau government must not limit itself to executive orders. Mme Rathjen, who is the PolySeSouvient coordinator, recalls that the federal Minister of Public Safety, Bill Blair, had promised in the spring to table a bill before the summer.

No announcement was made, no consultation was conducted, deplores Heidi Rathjen. “We do not see any indication that the legislative process has started or is about to be. ”

“I am tired and impatient. We still have to repeat the obvious, ”said Nathalie Provost, who was shot and wounded on December 6, 1989.

Anger and impatience shared by the co-founder of the Quebec Mosque, Boufeldja Benabdallah. “We lost extraordinary people on January 29, 2017. Two minutes were enough for the killer because he had access to weapons of war. ”

A memorial will also be unveiled Tuesday in Quebec to remember the tragedy. An event that saddens the spokesperson for the mosque. “We are tired of seeing men and women cry again. Are we waiting for there to be more commemorations? ”


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