Thursday, January 21

Famine increases with pandemic: 11 million children under 5 at risk

Famine is growing on the fertile ground of Covid-19. And the humanitarian catastrophe is very near, for eleven countries of Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia. This is what Save the Children claims. The levels of acute hunger, which already reached their peaks before. pandemic, are on the rise and an estimated 11 million children under five face extreme famine.

The NGO cites five “hunger hot spots” where the food crisis is extremely serious.

These are Afghanistan, Yemen, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the central Sahel which includes Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

According to Inger Ashing, head of the NGO, “the global food crisis threatens to set countries back years, if not decades, in their efforts to reduce child mortality and alleviate poverty.”

One of the most fragile countries is Yemen, torn by war. Conflicts and extreme weather events are two factors that increase famine.

And the passing of a UN Security Council resolution calling for a global ceasefire to help tackle the pandemic doesn’t seem to change anything.

Save the Children calls on the international community to act quickly to prevent more deaths, especially children.

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