Monday, January 18

Faced with the influx of coffins, the city of Carouge sets up temporary burial tents

Overwhelmed by the influx of coffins, the General Funeral Services of Carouge in the suburbs of Geneva, did not know where to install the deceased. The hospital morgue was a solution, but not satisfactory for the director of the company.

Fourteen tents were therefore set up in 24 hours in a former foundry, a cultural place on loan from the town hall.

Since it is an industrial place that is not heated, explains Stéphanie Lammar, mayor of Carouge, it quickly became clear that this place could be used and was quite suitable for funeral chapels, especially since it is exactly opposite the General Funeral Services. “

At the hospital morgue, it is forbidden to access the deceased. Families cannot see people who have died from Covid-19, it’s a double penalty. So these temporary burial chambers are a relief.

“Families make the place their own quite naturally, Sophie Bedoian, director of the Carouge funeral services. It is true that the reaction at the start is a bit of a surprise because it is a place which is completely atypical but ultimately it allows to keep everyone’s privacy, each family can gather in a very anonymous way. ‘is intimate. “

With 250 cases on average per day, against 1,250 a month ago, the epidemic is slowing down in Geneva. Switzerland has 4,250 deaths linked to Covid-19, out of just over 8 million inhabitants

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