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Is that dog bullying already? Super talent jurors want to prevent four-legged victory

RTL show: is that dog bullying? “Supertalent” jurors want to prevent four-legged victory

So far, four dog training courses have already won “Das Supertalent”: Most recently last year, Chihuahua Percy. Some of the jury want to prevent another four-legged triumph by all means. But then Collie Ayden surprised them all.

“Supertalent” is when comedians, acrobats, body wanderers, magicians and singers of all stripes audition for the jury for weeks. And in the end a dog training wins. That is formulated in a somewhat pointed manner. But four Wauzi victories in 13 seasons speak for themselves. And they have left their mark, at least on the prominent staff of the RTL show. Is that four-legged bullying?

“I don’t let dogs through anymore”: Bruce Darnell was categorical in the latest “Supertalent” issue. To the horror of dog trainer Melanie Felix (35) from the north German Mollendorf. “You have to think twice about that,” she recommended to the strict juror and put a charming dance on the studio floor with her four-year-old Collie Ayden (“My personal little super talent”).

The light-footed “Dog Dance” did not fail to have an impact: collective well-being sighs on the part of the jury. Dieter Bohlen in particular was enthusiastic: “Really great! Unfortunately, none of this works with my dog ​​Rocky. We pretend for hours and he doesn’t even give a paw – for no treat in the world.” Colleague Chris Tall provided the explanation for Ayden’s incomparably more committed performance: “I have steak under the desk here. It may be that he smelled it.”

“Das Supertalent” (RTL): “Great dog”

Bruce Darnell had to revise his initial skepticism: “Unfortunately that was good, damned very, very good. You can see that he enjoys it. Great performance, great dog, oh my God!” – “Oh my dog!”, Corrected Chris Tall, but was the only juror to press “No”. Not because the performance was bad, but: “If Ayden makes it to the final, he wins too.” – “You’re right, a big problem,” Dieter Bohlen felt like scales from his eyes. Ayden was definitely “worse” than last year’s winner Percy. But: “That makes him somehow better – because Melanie is a girl from Hamburg and does it on the side.”

Charm before spectacle! And Melanie had a new client for her dog school. “Would Ayden climb on my back as well?”, Bohlen wanted to try – the test to the example succeeded straight away. “You come over to us,” he booked Melanie directly for Rocky. “Your connection is great! I also want someone who is so fixated on me and keeps telling me: Dieter, you are the pop titan …”

Evelyn Burdecki raves about abdominal muscles

Juror Evelyn Burdecki was subject to a similar fixation in the act of the brothers Soffien (30), Karim (32) and Yassin (27) Messoudi. The Australian-born Moroccan-English members of a circus family never had any choice but to perform acrobatics: photos show how their father used to handstand them as babies. “As far as I know, I’ve always been able to do that,” recalled Karim, who is already practicing with his son.

Their extreme body tension was also evident in the muscles of the Messoudis: A special feast for the eyes not only for Evelyn (and Bruce). “What are you showing us today?” The judge asked the brothers in the suit. “What Evelyn actually wants to know: Can you see even more bodies?”; Chris Tall came to her aid. “Surprise!” Karim smiled.

What followed caused sore muscles just by watching. The show received not only spectacular handstands, but six-packs that would also shatter concrete. Oh what: “Twotypacks”, enthused Evelyn. “I’m the only woman sitting here between all the beautiful men. It’s fun to see an act like that.” Then the juror reacted to her “inner tingling sensation” and pressed the “golden buzzer”: “You should also listen to your feelings when it comes to the ‘super talent’.”

The “Messoudi Brothers” are in the final: “Our glitter rarely looked better than on these upper bodies”, praised moderator Daniel Hartwich and thought selflessly of the backstage team: “Don’t take it away. We have employees for that.”

“Turning off”: Dieter Bohlen dissts burlesque dancer

Two completely different seductresses from the burlesque corner met with far less approval. Shrill-buxom Ginger Snap had a life-affirming motto against the scourge of bodyshaming for her revealing aerial acrobatics: “There’s nothing about me to be ashamed of.” Conversely, however, there was little about her that the jury found praiseworthy: “A little carousel ride is not enough,” said Dieter Bohlen to the cheerful Ginger.

The professional ballet and burlesque dancer “Mademoiselle Parfait de la Neige” staged a more conventional erotic concept in the RTL studio. But it didn’t hit the jury’s nerve either. Bohlen called the mixture of burlesque and pointe dance with a flirtatious use of fans “off-putting”. Madame knew how to counter: “A matter of taste”. She might be right about that. However, the knowledge did not help her much for the longed-for entry into the final.

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