Sunday, February 28

In Germany and England, the “anti-restrictions” give voice

The restrictions against the coronavirus, they do not want more… In Frankfurt-on-Oder, in Germany, near the Polish border, some 1,500 people gathered on Saturday at the call of a group called “Querdenken” While the government plans to maintain health and social restrictions until the spring, they consider them to be liberticidal In their ranks, faces sometimes known to the extreme right.

Poles had crossed the border for the occasion. Germany, so far relatively spared, is struggling to stem the second wave of Covid-19 and the number of daily cases now exceeds 21,000.

In London, a similar protest took place, also without masks, as England remains confined until Wednesday and gatherings are banned. In addition to the restrictions, the demonstrators proclaimed their refusal of the vaccine. Incidents broke out with the police trying to disperse the crowd and more than a hundred people were arrested.

In three days, England will return to a system of restrictions decided locally, according to the level of alert, after a month of confinement. With more than 57,000 dead, the United Kingdom is the most bereaved country in Europe.

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