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Cyber ​​Monday 2020: First deals for the bargain season – what you need to know

The Christmas shopping begins: Cyber ​​Monday 2020: Already now exclusive deals and offers at Amazon & Co.

Tomorrow is Cyber ​​Monday 2020 – and there will be top deals and exclusive offers on the weekend. FOCUS Online checks the discounts and gives bargain hunters the information they need to know.

When does Cyber ​​Monday 2020 take place?

In 2020, the included Cyber ​​Monday will take place on November 30th. But it is worth looking for bargains beforehand.

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday traditionally always follows Black Friday and is a major shopping event, especially at Amazon. In 2011, Amazon extended Cyber ​​Monday to three full days for the first time, according to Idealo. The days finally became a whole week, so that the “Cyberweek” is now the most important shopping event for Amazon.

Find top deals now

Our editors check the current “Cyber ​​Weekend” offers for you – so that you know what is already worthwhile:

Cyber ​​Monday: Save on the weekend

Exciting Dyson deals at a glance

Cordless vacuum cleaners, room air conditioners, Airwrap hairstylers, Supersonic hair dryers and many other products were reduced significantly by Dyson just for Black Week. You can find an overview and suitable discount codes on our Coupon overview page for Dyson

With this revolutionary app you can learn languages ​​cheaper than ever – get it now!

The Mondly language course app supports playful language learning and thus effectively facilitates the independent learning of foreign languages. In the FOCUS Online Shopping Deal you get lifelong unlimited access to 41 languages ​​from the Mondly catalog for a one-time price of 69.99 euros.

Cyber ​​Monday: Secure top vouchers from Otto now

Mail order company Otto is also taking part in Cyberweek Week and has some attractive offers ready. In addition, you can save on shipping costs with a voucher code. You can find all the bargains and codes on our Overview page from Otto.

Before Cyber ​​Monday: More great offers

Amazon devices greatly reduced in price

Amazon is going all out and is now selling its in-house Echo Assistants, Fire TV Sticks, Fire Tablets and Kindle products at heavily discounted prices. Details of the Amazon deals can be found here.

Playstation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions reduced by 25 percent

There are currently subscriptions to various retailers Playstation plus (Online gaming, premium games monthly) and Playstation Now (Games flat rate with over 700 titles) for 44.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros. You can find out more about the services here:

• Online features and subscription games for the PlayStation on offer – PlayStation Plus membership – an overview of the advantages and costs

• PS Now game subscription – that’s behind the service – currently 25 percent discount

30% discount on selected Amazon Warehouse products

Just in time for the “Black Friday” week, Amazon offers plenty 30 percent discount on selected Amazon Warehouses Products. The discount will be deducted during the checkout process.

How consumers should prepare for their days of shopping

Before online shoppers sell super cheap, but ultimately completely useless products, they should consider: What do I need? And how much money am I willing to spend on it?

Find deals from technology, smartphones, kitchen and household goods as well as gifts and toys

If you know what you’re looking for, you can look up current prices using price search engines. Then it is easier to distinguish supposed offers from actual bargains. Because many retailers advertise with high percentages – but calculate the discount on the manufacturer’s original recommended retail price. These are free recommendations that many dealers undercut. In addition, slow-moving goods are often offered at bargain prices or inflated prices are initially displayed so that the discount appears higher.

If you don’t want to miss real bargains, you should set a price alert on a comparison site. Then an email will be sent as soon as an offer is below the set limit. The lowest price in the past three months can be a clue. If the price drops a bit below, consumers usually do not get bad business.

Shopping Time!

These discounts and offers are already valid on the weekend.

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