Thursday, January 21

Structural racism and police violence in France – video recordings should be banned

  • fromStefan Brandle


The French government should protect victims of racism instead of banning video images of police operations. A comment.

Structural racism is when things happen like in France. When three policemen maltreat a Parisian citizen for minutes, then put him in custody for “rebellion” – and when the perpetrators remain at large. The only controversial issue is whether the head of the seriously injured man was also insulted as a “dirty nigger”, as he says. The video did not record any sound. The pictures speak for themselves.

Racism in France: ban on video recording increases structural blindness

The French do not like the term “structural racism”, it scratches the beautiful image of the free, equal and fraternal nation. After the recent attacks in Paris and Nice, the Financial Times and theNew York Times“Also stigmatizes the principle of secularism as“ structural ”, if not discriminatory.

That is not to say that France should not fight terrorism. But the nation of human rights must also recognize: the concept of “égalité” does not correspond to reality. But instead of protecting victims of racism, the government now wants to ban video images of police operations. This increases the structural blindness.

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