Monday, January 18

Jagmeet Singh meets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in video game

The head of New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh, committed a horrible assassination directly under the eyes of the elected American Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Friday evening. Fortunately, all of this took place in the world of the online video game “Among Us”.

The leader of the NDP had an appointment with the rising star of the Democratic Party as part of an online video game session that wanted to extend a hand to young people, wherever they are.

Elected officials have the obligation to establish contact with young Canadians who are struggling with the impacts of the pandemic, commented Mr. Singh a few hours before the start of the game. He was the one who challenged the US Congressional star on Thursday to join him for a round of “Among Us”.

“I think this is a great way to reach out to young people who are hit hard by COVID-19 and who are often blamed. But it is they who occupy the most exposed jobs, in the service, in retail, in restaurants and bars, ”explained the leader of the NDP in a telephone interview.

“They are also the ones who lose their jobs because it is these sectors of the economy that are suffering from confinement,” Singh continued, adding that it is difficult to respect the distance when you do not have a real career. whether you’re still going to school or haven’t found a life partner.

Between the galactic missions accomplished by the little virtual astronauts, Mr. Singh and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez have touted the importance of universal drug insurance, a basic income, civil decency and rehabilitation rather than punishment. .

“Another world is not only possible, it exists. And in many places in the United States, there are, as it is three hours away, people who say it is impossible, said the American politician in reference to the low costs of health care and the generous programs of health. ‘Employment Insurance.

Before the virtual meeting, Jagmeet Singh had rightly pointed out that the representative of the Bronx in Congress, known by her initials “AOC”, shares her progressive values ​​on health care, economic equality and climate change. Political positions that are gaining more and more followers among young voters.

Friday night’s game aired on the Twitch platform starting at 7:00 p.m. EST. At the height of the evening, 26,000 users were watching the players live.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had broadcast live on her debut in the universe of “Among Us” last month, in an effort to encourage young voters to vote in the presidential election on November 3. It had attracted the attention of 439,000 users.

The 31-year-old politician has become an icon of the progressive left in the United States since joining the House of Representatives in 2018.

The multiplayer game “Among Us” features a team of astronauts whose objective is to bring the ship and its crew home safe and sound. However, the team must fight against one of their own, an impostor, who tries to sabotage the mission.

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