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Dalma Maradona, daughter of the soccer player, dedicates a moving message and says goodbye: “I am destroyed.”

  • Dalma Maradona says goodbye to her father with an emotional message on social networks
  • Diego Armando Maradona passed away on November 25 at the age of 60
  • “I was always very afraid of my death, but not today”

Dalma Maradona message. After the death of Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona on November 25, one of his daughters Dalma through social networks said goodbye to her father with an emotional message.

It was through her Instagram account that Dalma Maradona published an image where she appears with her father when she was just a child, and Diego can be seen sitting on a ball.

The publication was also shared by the official account of Instagram of the program Despierta América, where several followers immediately commented on the post.


“A father never forget it because you have a bond that nothing and no one breaks, so if you have your daddy alive, what do you expect to arrive and embrace that ours are already in heaven,” commented an Internet user.

Another follower mentioned: “She knew what her father was like and that is why so much love, she cared about him, I imagine the pain he must be feeling.

I was always very afraid of my death, but today I no longer

Next to the image Maradona’s daughter left a farewell message dedicated to her late father: “I was always very afraid of my death, but not today … Because I know that this is going to be the moment when I will see you again and hug you again! ”.

“I already miss you pa! I will endure here, without that part of my heart that you took with you yesterday! As you always asked me, I will take care of the jabru and your favorite pompom BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS GIVE ME IMPOSSIBLE RESPONSIBILITIES SINCE I HAVE THE USE OF REASON!… ”.

Currently the image has more than 40 thousand comments and has around more than 800 thousand reactions from the followers. Dalma’s message continues on the next page.

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