Wednesday, April 14

After traveling to a risk area: Is the quarantine obligation proportionate?

Wanderlust: The view from the visitor terrace of the new Berlin airport in November
Image: dpa

Almost all of Germany is a risk area. Is it proportionate to quarantine travelers from other “risk areas”?

MSome citizens plagued by wanderlust will have already worked their way through the question: Why not spend the time on a sunny Mediterranean island or in the mountains far from the big cities, when the number of infections at home is skyrocketing and in some cases higher than that Distance? But the quarantine rules for return travelers have so far not taken such subtleties into account.

Alexander Haneke

Anyone entering Germany from a risk area must “isolate” themselves in quarantine at home for ten days. The Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health jointly determine what a risk area is. And the basis for this continues to be a seven-day incidence of more than 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants – a value that until recently stood for incalculable risks, but which now seems almost worthwhile in view of the nationwide three-digit numbers.

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