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The four police officers implicated in the assault of a black man in Paris heard by the IGPN under police custody

The four police officers implicated in the beating, Saturday, November 21 in Paris, of a black music producer are summoned to the general inspection of the national police (IGPN), Friday, November 27, and heard under the regime of custody, which allows them to benefit from the presence of a lawyer.

The four officials, suspended from their duties since Thursday, arrived at the beginning of the afternoon at the premises of the IGPN, the “police police”. The Paris prosecutor’s office on Tuesday opened an investigation against them for “Violence by a person holding public authority” and “Forgery in public writing”.

On Thursday evening, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, said he would ask “Revocation” police officers involved, “As soon as the facts are established by justice”. He accused them of having “Soiled the uniform of the Republic”.

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A video posted Thursday by the Loopsider site, and widely disseminated on social networks, shows a black man, Michel Zecler, beaten up by police officers in the entrance of a music studio in the 17e district of the capital. These facts took place on Saturday, November 21. According to their report, the police tried to arrest him for not wearing a mask. “As we try to intercept it, it drags us into the building by force”, they write.

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“I’ve been told ‘dirty nigger’ several times”

But CCTV footage doesn’t show this. It shows police officers entering the studio, grabbing hold of the man and then punching, kicking or baton him. In their report, they wrote several times that the man had hit them. However, according to these images, Michel Zecler resists by refusing to let himself be embarked, then tries to protect his face and body but does not seem to strike any blows.

Michel Zecler was initially placed in police custody as part of an investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “Violence against a person holding public authority” and “Rebellion”. But the prosecution closed this investigation.

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” We told me dirty nigger several times and punching me ”, denounced Thursday the victim of this violence by coming to file a complaint, with his lawyer, at the Paris headquarters of the IGPN. “I would just like the work (of the IGPN) to be done”, he said leaving the place of his testimony. “I have no doubts about it”, added Michel Zecler.

This case comes in the midst of a controversy over a bill that regulates the dissemination of images of the police in operation and after the muscular evacuation, Monday, of a migrant camp at Place de la République, in Paris, including images have also generated a lot of reaction. An intervention assumed, Thursday evening, by Gérald Darmanin: “I asked, of course, the prefect of police (…) not to leave a demonstration (…) set up tents in the middle of Paris ”, said the interior minister.

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